Saturday, May 08, 2010

Jimbaran & Grilled Seafood

It's BALI post again! I love all the photos taken at Bali because it's truly a beautiful and romantic place. I need to forget how hot Bali is when saying this.

One of the must-dos when you are in this romantic island is to dine at Jimbaran seafood warung on the beach where one can enjoy the catch of the day.

Arrived at Jimbaran before 5pm. So I could have a walk on the beach and most important thing was..... camwhore like mad under the scorching sun

Jimbaran (2)
Stretch of seafood restaurants on the sandy beach

Jimbaran (3)
I could hardly open my eyes to take photos and was unable to view the photos on the LCD screen on my camera as the sunshine was too strong!

Jimbaran (4)
Super love this photo which was taken by our driver

Jimbaran (5)
Pretending that I love the sun

Jimbaran (6)
Say HELLO to wave!

Jimbaran (7)
I spotted pretty lady!

Jimbaran (8)

Jimbaran (9)
There was huge sacrifice behind these beautiful photos

Jimbaran (10)
My hubby was drawing a huge LOVE for me

Jimbaran (11)
Our names, our love and our stories

Jimbaran (12)
This looks like pre-wedding shot

Jimbaran (13)

Jimbaran (14)
BBQ corn. Tasted different from what you can get in Malaysia. But it’s just sweet and so delicious!

Jimbaran (15)
Early birds got the seat at first row! So we could have unobstructed sunset scenery and it was just too great for taking photos!

Let's see the beautiful paintings of sunset!






Jimbaran (16)

Jimbaran (21)
Live band music will be played by the local musicians from table to table when the sky becomes dark. What you have to do is just sit back, enjoy your dinner and listen to the musics!

I really fell in love with this place for dinner because having the grilled seafood while watching beautiful sunset is such a great enjoyment. And not to forget to tell you that, the seafood were tasty too!

The breeze, wave, and romantic candlelight created a nice ambiance, thereby making this as my best dining experience in Bali.


  1. I been here once too during my birthday in last 3 years :) The liveband sang a birthday song to me during the romantic! I love Bali :)

  2. great scenery~! wish to go there~! ^^

  3. so nice, wish i can go there also!
    love the photos!

  4. Wow, nice scenery wor! Love it!

  5. I went there for my "mini honeymoon"..I love this place too..and food was good too :)

  6. i like the sunset photo~

  7. the beach is a total beauty!!! I wana go!

  8. Jimbaran Beach is really beautiful~!!! Too bad I can't enjoy sunset there during my trip, when we reached there was already 8pm...

  9. OMG !! i miss this place soooo muc !!!!
    super romantic !!!

  10. i luv this place a lot...i am going back there again this end of May

  11. i love your dress...matching with the beach!

  12. nice photos u have... fantastic!!

  13. super nice view~such a romantic place~like it~

  14. so romantic...
    nice view and nice couple.
    i read through your wedding help me a lot

  15. Oh wow, those are such pretty photos~

    It's like something out of a movie ♥

  16. Nice trip.

    Bali is romantic eh?

    ps: U r going Hokkaido? Can u share with me some of the travel plans (ie how to get there and budget etc)... Thanks. Really appreciate the help.

  17. YT: I'm going on July for lavender viewing. I follow full trip organised by travel agency. If u want itinerary and budget, give me your email add and i send to you ok?

  18. 好漂亮的风景呢……

  19. yeah the place is nice but the food there in jimbaran is bad >< but still i would liek to go back just for the sunset the next time i visit bali again :)

  20. Looks fun and nice~
    Muz plan to go there too~

  21. wow nice pics. i wanna go to bali too! thanks for checking my page btw.

    the salon where you saw the wigse is located in flushing, nyc.

  22. would you mind forwarding the hokkaido itinerary and budget to me too?? :D

  23. thiresha12:36 AM

    hey there carrie, i would like to email you regarding your previous post. what is ur e-mail add plea

  24. ah, stumble upon your post..
    3rd blog that i come accross that write about bali

    cannot deny that, enjoying ourself at the seaside by watching beautiful sunset and dinner.. just lovely~

  25. Awww you guys look so sweet together!! Heavenly matched!

  26. Nana: Can you pls give me your email add?

    thiresha: my email add is

  27. hi...leng leng~stay pretty in ur photo,i wish when to bali for long tome already==

  28. the sunset is so beautiful in Bali

  29. I went to there before! ;)

  30. The sunset is so so so beautiful!


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