Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Treat

Having a sumptuous dinner is a typical birthday celebration that many many people love. Of course, I’m not an exceptional one.

Tried out the very special soup in bread at expressSOUP before dinner.

My clam chowder soup

His mushroom soup

Posing with the soup and hoping there were delicious

The correct way to enjoy the bread and the soup

But I chose my own way because I found the bread was not nice at all.

Honestly speaking, the soup here is just so so. Just tried for fun because it looked special.

Then my hubby drove all the way from KL town to SS2 just to bring me to this restaurant called THE LOBSTERMAN. Ok, I should say GPS was the one who brought us there. Haha……..

To my surprise, it looked like the most famous western restaurant, Kensington in Seremban.

Can you see the live lobsters? OMG! How the bottom one is going to survive?

According to The Lobsterman, all lobsters are air-flown LIVE from the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Wow!

We ordered a set dinner for two. And the set included a lobster with your preferred cooking style.

This was our live lobster! But we felt bad because the lobster was going to be killed. Sorry, my little lobster.

My hubby

Our starter, baked mussels with cheese.

Soup of the day was mushroom soup. We had too much soup today! So this was just mediocre.

The star of the night! Here comes our Atlantic lobster in Tarragon butter baked style.

The lobster was so fresh and springy but not as good as what I expected. I should have ordered the char-broiled or simmered style for the original taste.

We were wondering whether we ordered too small of a baby lobster, but after finishing up the spaghetti, we were stuffed!!

I forgot to take photos of the dessert!!! But it was just nothing special because a lobster set dinner for two priced at RM128 is considered super cheap already.

How can birthday be perfect without birthday cake?

Hubby bought me a cake. He was funny enough as he forgot the cake he chose and bought was actually a hazelnut cake but told everyone it was a peanut cake. OMG!

Hubby got me a cute doll cake décor and said this looked like me with the fake fringe.

Next year birthday must put only ONE candle so I no need to reveal my age. Haha!

Hubby, thanks for your dedication in making me a memorable birthday.

And not to forget my family that prepared special seafood dinner for the celebration as well as the birthday gifts and angpows. I love you all!


  1. where is the shop?

    btw,Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!Girl, You look gorgeous!

  3. happy belated birthday dear :)

  4. Happy belated birthday.

    The lobster dinner sounds good!!! And the price is reasonable as well. U look so happy!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Carrie ~ Ah the lobster looks so good !! And the soup!! Haha .. anyway wish you have more yummylicious year to come !!

    p/s: put the address/price .. then we can refer go makan2x.. but you said the espresSoup not delicious,although i look at the pic so nice like that

  6. wow.. the food looks delicious!!

  7. hapi belated birthday and may you all dreams come true =)

  8. Happy Belated B'day to you :)

  9. 下次多点报导好吃的地方啊


  10. so many nice lobsters and mushroom soups here..haha
    ur hubby is so funny..XP

    btw,putting more candles on the cake looks nicer ma..wahaha

  11. happy belated birthday =)

    you looks cute & i really like your white hairband:D

  12. happi happi birthday~~XD

    these are super mouth watering, your outfits are cute ^^

  13. happy belated birthday!!
    the best clam chowder is from TGI!!

  14. Happy belated birthday...
    wish you all the best and sweet sweet forever with your lovely hubby...

  15. Happy belated birthday!!
    and all the foods look so nice!!

  16. Kumiko: It's located at No. 53, Jalan SS 2/30, Petaling Jaya

  17. the 1st photo is so sharp, so attractive and so pretty but the following photo with fringe is really not suitable... especially with hair band and the ear ring coz a bit too much... the 1st photo reli suit u, very natural.

    pls dont have live seafood as it reili pity to kill them on the spot coz of us :'(

  18. the soups look so special o~
    happy belated birthday !

  19. u r so cute ^^
    happy belated birthday ya!

    that time square bread soup i ate before,the bread really not very nice..but soup still ok la~

  20. happy birthday! ahh what amazing food:)

  21. happy belated birthday to u!! and the bread with soup is so cool!!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday!!! The set is quite worth consist of a lobster, a soup, a pasta & dessert?

  23. happy belated bday! ;-)很幸福哦~~~ :p

  24. happy belated birthday :) you always look so gorgeous...

    ops mussels with cheese... so wanna try!!

  25. Looks like you really had a wonderful birthday! Many more birthdays to you Cheddarina.


  26. your photos make me feel hungry ler..though I just had my dinner >.<

    don't worry bout the lobster at the bottom. 'cos they will be killed in the end anyway. how sad...

    p/s: your fringe is fake? but it looks real and nice on u! ^^

  27. 1st of all, happy b-day ya!!

    im also like the soup more than the bread...but the lobsters really drove me crazy...haha!!

    我昨天在 TIME SQUERE 有经过那间面包汤店,不过没吃,原来不大好吃啊,那么下次我就不试了!
    你的老公很疼你哦,为你安排了很完美的生日呢! :)


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