Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back from Hokkaido

Hello! I'm back!

This is truly an unforgettable trip because................

On the last day of the trip, I experienced EARTHQUAKE in Tokyo for the first time in my life!!!

This surprised morning call at 6.06am really woke me up from sleep because the bed was SHAKING NON-STOP for at least 30 seconds. I asked my hubby what went wrong because I couldn't believe that the shaking was due to earth quake. I was still dreamy til my hubby answered:"It's earthquake."

The first thing that came into my mind was "Am I going to die in Tokyo?"

And very soon after that, the bed stopped shaking. And I slowly walked to the washroom. Luckily there was no crack of wall and floor.

After 30 minutes, we saw the Japanese news on TV that reported "A 5.0-magnitude earthquake hit central Japan". But I did not know whether there was any damage due to the earthquake as I couldn't read and understand Japanese.

We had our breakfast as usual, checked out from hotel and headed to airport to board the flight back to Malaysia. Thanks God we are all safe!

Ok, as a Malaysian, we do not have the chance to experience the horrible natural disaster. Now I think Malaysia is such a safe place if you forget all the murder, robbery, snatch theft, rape case etc......


My laptop collapsed few days ago and I am unable to process all my photos taken at Hokkaido. Sigh!

I desperately hoping that they do not need to format my hard disk so I could retrieve those photos saved in C drive.

Let's pray hard for me too.........


  1. Luckily you both were ok! :)

  2. welcome back dear... :)))

  3. Thank God you are fine now! Looking forward to more pictures from your trip!

  4. Wow, earthquake. Luckily nothing bad happened. I am sure the little shake to wake u up in the morning did not spoil any part of the perfect honeymoon.

    Waiting for u to update :)

  5. update more abt Hokaiddo and ur photos ya..:)

  6. Hokaiddo is a nice place to visit ya...

    Look forward to see your trip pictures...

  7. must be an unforgettable trip but luckily you're back now!

  8. pray for u!! coz i wan see photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hokkaido! nice!

  9. wow i was there in feb :) now i wanna see how it looks like in summer

  10. Luckily u r safe and back to Malaysia.
    Hope ur laptop can be fix so that u can share more Hokaido's photo..


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