Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Memories in Bali

I don't know what to do with my dead laptop and still looking for ways to rescue it. My colleague told me that Acer Service Centre in Seremban sucks and thus, I decided to send it to the service centre at KL. Anyone sent their computers to Acer service centre before? Can let me know how's their service?

Since I'm unable to process my Hokkaido photos, let me feed you with outdated Bali post. But I believe you guys will love all the places that I visited. You know why?

We managed to explore some special places in this hot island as the itinerary of this trip was entirely arranged by me.

St. Regis Hotel

Hotel lobby

Bali (2)
With impressive design and architecture

This resort is so huge where you need to ask the driver there to fetch you from the lobby to your room or to pool area.

Bali (3)
This is the cart that brought us around

Bali (3a)
On our way to the pool

Bali (4)
Jacob's Deck

Bali (5)
Floating living room in Lagoon

Bali (6)
Resting after shooting under scorching sun

Bali (7)
Villa entrance

Bali (9)
St. Regis private beach. This is the cleanest beach that I've ever been to. You couldn't see any other visitors except my hubby and me. It's a real good place if you want to try to sunbath nakedly.

Bali (9a)
Couldn't even open my eyes

Bali (9c)
Sunbathing..... Nope, camwhoring

Bali (9d)
Main pool

Bali (10)
The main pool is surrounding with Kayuputi Dusk

Bali (9e)
Kayuputi Floating Bale, a perfect dining place overlooking Nusa Dua beach

Blue Point Bay Villa & Spa

Bali (16d)

We went to this villa to visit the well known glass chapel as well as to have some drinks at the restaurant that offers breathtaking views.

Bali (16b)

Bali (16a)
View from the restaurant

Bali (16ab)
Sunbathing.... Cool!

Bali (15)
The staff there was nice enough to let us camwhore inside the VIP dining room that overlooks the sea, glass chapel and pool

Bali (14)
The balcony of the restaurant

Bali (11)
It's tea time!

You must pick a table near to the window because...............

This is what you can see

Bali (12a)

Bali (13)

Bali (12)

Bali (17)
This is their well known glass chapel! So romantic right?

After having some drinks, we followed some surfers and managed to find out a hidden gem in this area.

Bali (18a)
Aren't this is amazing?

Bali (12b)
Can you see the crystal clear water? OMG! I felt like jumping to the sea and swim too!

Bali (23)

Bali (19)

Bali (20)

Bali (21)

Bali (22)
OMG! I totally fell in love with this place!

Too bad we didn't bring any swim wear :(

We headed to Uluwatu after this.

Pura Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu is Bali's most spectacular temples located high on a cliff top above the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Bali (25)
Welcome to Uluwatu!

Bali (28)
Stunning view!

Bali (26)
Monkeys are jumping around and you gotta watch out your personal belongings because they will snatch it and the local people will ask you to pay if you wanna get back your stuffs.

Bali (24)

Bali (27)
Posing like this required certain level of courage because you might accidentally fall down and say bye bye to this world

Okay, I think I still have many many more Bali photos to share with you all. I will post them up while waiting for reincarnation of my dead laptop so that I can process my Hokkaido photos. Maybe I shall buy a new one if repair is too expensive.

You wouldn't know when I will post my Hokkaido photos... haha... So STAY TUNED!


  1. agreed with u that the churh at blue point villa is romantic, when i went there meet a japanese couple had wedding ceremony. U dare to climb up there to sit and take photo...'geng'!!

  2. I just came back from Bali too and hell Uluwatu really has this super impressive awesome pawsome mawsome wonderful view!

  3. really cool! the resort view from top really beautiful...

  4. Wow! The villa damn nice...I want to go!!!

  5. 景色太美了哦!!!!!!

  6. oh gosh!

    the view really beautiful~~

    especially look out from the window~~~ amazing~~~~~

    i want go too~~~~

  7. wow~very romantic trip~
    i like the last pic!

  8. look so relax !! sure u enjoyed alots there ! ^^

  9. lol, ur heels attract more than ur dress!! is that shoe the new trend of fashion now? Coz I saw lotsa ppl starts to wear it shopping

  10. 哇。那里简直就是人间天堂!
    美女+ 美景,赞!

  11. This is so fun! And you look gorgeous in every pic!

  12. Vicky: Bohemian wedges are hot this season!

  13. hehe.. i will go to Bali in end of this Aug..
    I am using dell, but i heard my friend said that Acer's service centre in KL are so so wo...
    So , how is it?

  14. 我是贝比@baby: Acer service is very fast! Not bad o...

  15. wow, very nice hotel!! how i wish i could stay in, and then just stay and enjoy quality time to relax in the hotel without going anywhere~~ :p

  16. Bali is so so so so so so so NICE!!!
    I want to go >.<

  17. wowowoww~~~~~
    the place is so wonderful!!!!!

    hope i can go thr oso~~~!!

  18. Wow...really relax

  19. phoebe1:21 PM

    Hi, can we visit to blue point bay villa if we not stay there?

  20. phoebe: Sure dear. Many tourists go there to visit the glass chapel.

  21. Phoebe6:23 PM

    Hi Carrie,

    Is me again. How long its take from Ubud to blue point bay villa? Is it convenient to stay at Ubud? Or Kuta is better?Thanks alot.

  22. Phoebe: From Ubud to blue point bay villa will take abt 2 hours i think. So i advise to stay in Kuta.

    Kuta to blue point bay villa takes abt 45 minutes.

  23. Phoebe10:17 PM

    Hi Carrie,

    Any hotel recommend for me in Kuta? Thanks.

  24. Phoebe: Kuta hotel is very expensive and old. I recommend Tune hotel at Kuta, new and cheap :)

  25. phoebe10:43 PM

    Hi Carrie,

    I planning to go Bali on July. I love all the places you visit. I have book 1 night stay at Ubud. For the following days i have no idea :( Can i have your Bali trip itinerary? Do i need a tour guide? Or i can just use taxi to all the places? Thanks for your help in advance!



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