Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hell Valley @ Hokkaido

Hell Valley is known as Jigokudani in Japanese.

It is a large crater that was formed by a volcano about 200,000 years ago.

Why it's called Hell Valley?

Because hot steam vents and sulfurous streams pour out from the sides of this red valley area, giving it a very hell like appearance.

Ok. Let's go to HELL!!!

Day3 (12)

From miles away from the entrance, we already smelled the strong sulfur stink. OMG! I just felt like leaving straight but due to curiosity in exploring the HELL, I continued.

This place was surrounded by many red stone cliffs

Day3 (16)

Day3 (18)

Day3 (13)

Day3 (14)

Boiling sulfurous water. According to the tour guide, the temperature can reach more than 100°C

So now you got the hell feeling right?

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Thursday, August 26, 2010



Hokkaido Konbukan provides information about Konbu (kelps or seaweeds). There are varieties of konbu products such as candies and tea and visitors can try most of them. This place was rather boring for me.

They have a theater which features the konbu (kelp) making process.

The structure of the dome shape theater. Nice or not?

I felt like watching a 2D movie. But the sad thing was the objects in the video kept whirling and made me dizzy. Almost all of us closed our eyes during the 15 minutes video presentation. T__T

Photo source

After the short video clip, we proceeded to the konbu shop.

Day3 (1)
Konbu tea for testing

Day3 (2)
Huge bow.... My hubby said I looked like Minnie Mouse. LOL

Fruit picking time!!!

Day3 (3)
This was the farm that we visited

Day3 (4)
It was cherry season! Too bad ichigo season was just over T__T

Day3 (5)
We passed by grape farm too

Day3 (6)
Cherry trees

Day3 (7)
Can you see the reddish cherries? OMG!

Day3 (8)
I'm a cherry girl ^^

Day3 (9)
We could pick and eat as much as we like. But for take-away, 500 yen will be charged for a small packet.

Day3 (10)

Day3 (11)

Though the cherries were not sweet as what I expected, but it gave me a sweet experience in Hokkaido ♥♥

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


YUKATA is the japanese summer cotton kimono. People wearing yukata is very common in Japan at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals, and other summer events.

According to our tour guide, only onsen (hot spring) hotels allow their guests to wear yukata and walk around. You can't simply wear yukata when you are staying in normal hotel!

We stayed in five different hotels every night during our trip, meaning every morning we checked out and checked in another hotel in the evening.

Noboribetsu onsen is one of the most popular hot springs in Hokkaido.We stayed in Mahoroba Hotel tonight, a four star hotel this hot spring area.

The word “mahoroba” means “paradise” in Japanese. Ok, it's photo time! You just need to relax, unwind and enjoy!

Noboribetsu  (1)
Magnificent hotel lobby

Noboribetsu  (2)
Our japanese-style room, super comfy with some free snacks and green tea too!

Noboribetsu  (3)
Basically almost all the hotels have the same size and same design of washrooms, which are very very clean.

Noboribetsu  (4)
Tatami bed

Noboribetsu  (5)
And this was the yukata provided by the hotel!


We had a buffet dinner at hotel.

Let's see what they served!

Noboribetsu  (6)

Noboribetsu  (7)

Noboribetsu  (8)
OMG! My favourite CRAB!!!

Noboribetsu  (9)

Noboribetsu  (10)
The most famous kegani (hairy crab). The meat was so wonderfully smooth and soft but a bit tasteless.

Noboribetsu  (11)
Mouth-watering desserts

Noboribetsu  (12)
Then I conquered the tarabagani (red king crab)

Noboribetsu  (13)
Holding red king crab while eating the zuwaigani (snow crab)......  See my can't-wait-to-finish-all face!

Noboribetsu  (14)
Left only the shell

Noboribetsu  (15)

Noboribetsu  (16)

Noboribetsu  (17)
Pachinko slot machines

Noboribetsu  (18)
Sticker photo!!!

We went for a street walk after the dinner to explore what they had in Noboribetsu area.

Noboribetsu  (19)
The street was beautiful!

Noboribetsu  (19a)

Noboribetsu  (20)
Souvenir shop

Noboribetsu  (21)
Sake shop

Noboribetsu  (22)

Noboribetsu  (23)
Crabs in a small market

Noboribetsu  (24)
Fubari rock melon

Noboribetsu  (25)
Many tourists wearing yukata and walked on the street too!!!

Noboribetsu  (26)

Can't get enough of yukata?

Continue scrolling down!





Playing with the soft focus filter of my camera.... so dreamy!






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