Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hakodate Highlights

These are all the must-visit places if you are going to Hakodate.

Hakodate morning market

Here we go!

The day began with a bright and sunny morning!

The "asa ichi" (morning market) in Hakodate is famous for its fresh seafood such as uni (sea urchins), ika (squids), mentaiko (pollack roe), sujiko (salmon roes), hotate (scallops) and kani (crabs).

Hokkaido is famous for its fresh king crab and hairy crab. But it's super expensive! Can you see the price tag? One medium size crab costs about RM300!!!

This costs more than RM400!!!

Red king crab

The shop offered us to try the crab meat for FREE!

You know what? The crab was raw! This was my first time eating raw crab. OMG!

You must be thinking the fishy smell of the raw crab right? But I can tell that the crab meat did not smell one bit fishy and leaves a refreshing aftertaste. It's the BEST CRAB I've ever had!!!


Sea urchins

Raw sea urchin and its roe. I didn't try it though

Sujiko. Taste it for free! Again, it was very fresh and did not have the fishy smell at all. Wonderful!


Dried scallops

We strolled between the numerous stalls and almost all of us bought DRIED SCALLOPS. The dried scallops are of course very expensive if you compare to the China one but what you are paying is for the TASTE!

Rock melons. RM8 for a slice and RM220 for two!!! This considered as cheap because the expensive one could go up to RM1000 for one. I'll let you know why it's so expensive in the coming post. Secret for now. Hehe!


Motomachi is a picturesque neighborhood where you can see many Western buildings.

Street walk

Hungry max now and I'm going to look for yummy food.


"One million" night view at Mount Hakodate

Don't miss the world top three night view ok?


  1. sea urchins! i like this very much! ^^

  2. Wow, that raw crab meat must be very delicious!

  3. waiting for ur next post!

  4. Why the sotong colour like that? Looks like fake 1 O.O

  5. pardon me for not digging into details, but are you living in Japan? sounds cool with the way you explain the seafood from the streets of Hakodate =)

  6. ur post makes me feel i'm so pathetic and hungry..

  7. Ken: i'm not living in japan. Just went there for vacation :) I googled before i wrote this post

    Choiyen: I also dunno why it's in that color ...LOL

  8. oh my god!
    i saw a lot of japanese seafood there,
    you make me hungry~><
    i love seafood at all~XD

  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    FRESH seafood is the best ever, it never smells fishy!

  10. i love the shirt u wearing..nice leh....u bought at japan?

  11. Jiani: U meant the white one with a black kitten? I bought it at times square KL few months back.

  12. Anonymous4:14 PM

    wow, the king crab seller is pretty generous for foreigner,
    lucky you my friend, i definitely gonna visit this market once i had a chance going to Hakodate!!!


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