Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hakodate 函館

Managed to squeeze some time to post about my Hokkaido trip finally.

Here you go!

We took a 7 hours flight from KLIA to Narita International Airport at Tokyo.

After all of us went through the immigration procedures and collected our baggage, we met with the local tour guide and were transferred to Haneda International Airport by bus to take a 1 hour 30 minutes domestic flight to Hakodate, a city and port located Hokkaido, Japan.

This is Haneda International Airport

Waiting for check-in

Japanese girl selling chocolates and biscuits

Sandwich club

I believe all of you hate waiting at the departure gate. Do you know how I spent my time while waiting for boarding?

Manicure time! I brought all my tool & accessories with me!!!

Flying to Hakodate airport with Japan Airlines

I looked so pale

We are now at Trappistine Convent

Actually nothing much to see here except some buildings

Souvenirs at gift shop

This was the highlight of the place. You know what?

Hokkaido is famed for its milk and dairy products and this shop sells super super milky and yummilicious milk ice cream. People do make a special trip to the store just for it!!!

I fall in love with this heavenly nice, soft and velvety milk ice cream. You can never get it in Malaysia!!!

I miss the milky sweet aroma and the smooth and sweet taste badly now!

Next stop was Goryokaku Fort, meaning 'pentagonal' from its star shape. Goryokaku Park is popular in Hokkaido for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) during spring season.

Main entrance

Beautiful flowers :)

It's so green here!

This is the Goryokaku Tower. We did not go up to the observation deck as the ticket was quite expensive.

View from the observation deck. Photo by

OK. That's all for now because I need to party with IASs and IFRSs to sit for the progress test on this Sunday.

Will update very soon!


  1. Wow spring in Hokkaido! I wish I could visit there one day..but I prefer in winter season ^^

  2. wonderful trip !!
    the sandwich club look so nice ;p

  3. Wow, that was a such amazing trip! :)

  4. 日本啊!!!


  5. Wow... Hokkaido finally! I've been waiting for this post FOREVER.

    Thanks for providing my info about ur trip earlier but I think I hv to defer the travel to another year... Changed plans about my honeymoon.

    Envy max! Lovely place!

  6. P2!!! haha.. although this progress test is kacang putih, anyway good luck for your progress test..

    Do u still have more Hokaido's photo?
    Can share it?

  7. Feeling: Winter is beautiful too!!!

    北西八地: airasia is flying there soon! EVERYONE CAN FLY .... LOL

    YT: Oic... Don't worry, you can go to other places first!

    我是贝比@baby: Kacang putih? I only spent few hours to study :( cant even score 30% i think. Will post more photos soon. STAY TUNED!

  8. very nice very nice!! i want to go there, i want to go to Japan!!

  9. Manicure at airport O.O, many people look at you lor....

  10. oh i miss hokkaido!!! i was there during winter time, back in 2005 :) i had a great snowboarding trip there :)

  11. why i cant see ur pic T-T

  12. JiaNi: Huh? My other frens can view all the photos wor... You try again and see....

  13. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Hahaha manicure whilst waiting for boarding, that is really clever!

  14. YES!!! FINALLY!!! so happy to see ur photos...nice photos u have, hope one day i can go there :)


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