Thursday, August 26, 2010



Hokkaido Konbukan provides information about Konbu (kelps or seaweeds). There are varieties of konbu products such as candies and tea and visitors can try most of them. This place was rather boring for me.

They have a theater which features the konbu (kelp) making process.

The structure of the dome shape theater. Nice or not?

I felt like watching a 2D movie. But the sad thing was the objects in the video kept whirling and made me dizzy. Almost all of us closed our eyes during the 15 minutes video presentation. T__T

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After the short video clip, we proceeded to the konbu shop.

Day3 (1)
Konbu tea for testing

Day3 (2)
Huge bow.... My hubby said I looked like Minnie Mouse. LOL

Fruit picking time!!!

Day3 (3)
This was the farm that we visited

Day3 (4)
It was cherry season! Too bad ichigo season was just over T__T

Day3 (5)
We passed by grape farm too

Day3 (6)
Cherry trees

Day3 (7)
Can you see the reddish cherries? OMG!

Day3 (8)
I'm a cherry girl ^^

Day3 (9)
We could pick and eat as much as we like. But for take-away, 500 yen will be charged for a small packet.

Day3 (10)

Day3 (11)

Though the cherries were not sweet as what I expected, but it gave me a sweet experience in Hokkaido ♥♥

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  1. Never see a fresh cherry from a tree yet. Looks really cute!

    And yeah, I think u look cute with the huge bow. Cos u really is one rare girl with that cutesy dolly face :)

  2. I want to pick cherry too!

  3. 好羡慕你能到樱桃园观光,还可以任吃樱桃,我最爱吃了,但是这里卖的价钱好贵啊!

  4. me love cherries!!!

  5. i like your huge bow. So cute!

  6. Hi Carrie, thanks for dropping by my blog! I love the stories in yours as well=) Nice pics.

  7. You really look so sweet and kawaii with the bow :)

  8. looks yummy!!! YUMM Yumm Nom Nom....


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