Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okurayama Ski Jump

Okurayama Ski Jump is located at Sapporo, the largest city and also the capital of Hokkaido. It was the main ski jump used in the 1972 Winter Olympic Games, hosting the 90 meter Large Hill events. And it has become a tourist spot and also a ski jump place during winter.

Can you see the cable car? They are used to bring visitors to the observatory deck where people can see the spectacular views over Sapporo city.

It's summer now and thus, no snow and no ski jump activities. But the weather was cool here. Super love it!

Hey, I won the first prize for summer ski jump. Not play play one ok?

When my hubby and me were walking around, a Japanese approached us and initiated a conversation with us. Of course he spoke in Japanese, which we couldn't understand a single word. We then talked to him in English to let him know that we couldn't understand Japanese. But this young guy was so nice and talked to us in English to offer us a FREE photo shoot with the ski jump place as the background.

He even passed us the medals and asked us to wear it for photo shooting purpose. He then used a damn professional camera with tripod to take a photo. Not only that, he helped us to snap two more shots with my camera.

Can you see our medals?

Within few seconds, he printed out the photo for me. So surprised for the speed and the professional service. And of course, you need to pay 1000yen if you want them to print a bigger size for you. Isn't it a smart way of doing business?

You know what? All other tourists in my group also wanted to take the photos after seeing mine. Then they started to queue OMG! But many still couldn't make it due to time constraint. So happy that we were the first pair. It was a super lucky day!

Bonus of the post to cheer up your day!!!

I don't know why they put this thing here. Maybe they were trying to let the visitors know that everyone who try the ski jump will get high like this. OMG!

I will reveal the real highlight of my Hokkaido trip soon!

Ok la.... Let you have a preview first.


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ Random Photos ♥ Princess Gown

Super busy these few days and I got no time to update my blog T__T

I have so many photos to post for my Hokkaido trip but it seems to take forever to finish posting what I want to share here.

Give me a break and I promise I will re-filter my Hokkaido trip photos and summarise the post to complete this mission faster.

When I was browsing my 200 gigabyte photos just now, I found some gorgeous photos that I think I must share with you all. Please allow me to say this to comfort myself because I think I look like shit now. I have no time for facial treatment and manicure.

Ok. I hope you will love these. What you need to do now is just SIT BACK, RELAX & ENJOY!







It's about 2am now and I can hardly open my eyes typing the narration. I don't want a panda look. So please forgive me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

♥ Hokkaido Crabs

Hokkaido is famous for fresh seafood, and delicious Hokkaido crabs are sold in its local seafood markets at a price that I think it's worth to try out.

Check out the price of the Hokkaido crabs HERE if you are interested.

Why Hokkaido trip is so expensive?

Reason 1: All tour fares include a domestic return flight from Tokyo to Hokkaido, which costs at least about RM1k++.

The public transport is so expensive in Japan. Taking the shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Osaka already costs about RM500 for one-way reserved seat ticket & 3 hours journey. The tourist 7-day rail pass is about RM1k.

Reason 2: You stay in 4 star or 5 star hotels all the nights, and they're at least RM500 per night.

Reason 3: You get to eat Hokkaido crab & Yubari rock melon almost everyday.

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of my Hokkaido trip was --> All-you-can-eat BBQ and big 3 crab dinner

Here we go!!!


This was what we had for the BBQ dinner!

A plate of big crabs in front of me. I couldn't stop my saliva from drooling ^^

Chicken, pork and mutton

This restaurant is really huge and they even have a big projector screen to play some shows as the entertainment when people are enjoying the food. But who cares? I guess everyone must be busy looking at the crabs instead.

Of course not to forget to take some photos with my favourite CRABS

We were provided a white plastic apron to avoid the cooking fume being absorbed by our clothes


Kegani (Hairy crab)


The auntie beside me put the crab for grill as well.

Tadaa...... Very big crab legs. Let me finish this yummy steamed zuwaigani (snow crab) in front of you all ^^

Crab legs. The meat was super uber fresh and naturally sweet!!!

I didn't even have a spoon of rice in this meal. All I threw inside my stomach was CRAB MEAT and of course the chicken, mutton & pork!!! Since it was a all-you-can-eat dinner, why restrict myself? But you know what? Only ONE person ordered extra crabs and that person was ME! WTF! Why they all just didn't bother to order? We paid for that and the crab was so NICE what!

Even my hubby, an extreme crab lover, told me that the crab was not really nice. Ok, I think they all not used to eat the steamed crab, without any SAUCE. You know Malaysian must eat everything with sauce then only they say nice T_T

For me, I love the freshness and sweetness of Hokkaido crabs. I miss them so much now.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura is a history theme park highlighting city life in the Edo Period of 400 years ago. Its main characters, ninjas and courtesans are symbols of the Edo era (Japan Cultural Profile, 2006).

This was our second stop on Day 4, after Shiraoi Ainu Village.


A friendly samurai that was being forced to take photos with all of us

This was the only place that we could see the typical Japanese buildings in this trip.

Souvenir shop

They were all busy buying the Hokkaido's famous horse oil cream but I was busy camwhoring.

I look so tiny beside this Japanese girl



There was a big garden with pond too

Time for Ninja show, the highlight of this park.

These were not Ninja cos i was unable to shoot a photo with Ninja as the lighting was very dark when they appeared on the stage.

Thought of presenting the Ninja show to you all with the video captured by me but the file size was too big and it required 425 minutes to upload and at the end I gave up T__T

Nevermind, I will compensate this with something more valuable. But, it's still a secret for now.


Can you see the high geta? They call it okobu too!

Lunch at the adjacent restaurant

Shabu shabu without beef. Mostly all the tourists in my group did not eat beef including my hubby, thus, I couldn't try the famous beef shabu shabu T__T

Super fresh scallop. My all-time favourite!

Maple tree!!! Really hope I could stay in Hokkaido until autumn. Hmmm.... No, I rephrase my sentence. I hope to stay here for at least one year to experience the beautiful four seasons!

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I've prepared another Hokkaido post for you all (my homework during Raya holiday), make sure you follow me closely ^^

Monday, September 06, 2010

Shiraoi Ainu Village @ Hokkaido

Shiraoi Ainu Village is also called Porotokotan, which means a large lakeside village. “Ainu” means “human” and Ainu people are the aborigines of Northern Japan.

There is a museum building with historical exhibits, and then some Ainu style huts. They have some performances to demonstrate crafts, culture such as singing and dancing, and basic ways of Ainu life.

I don't have any interest in understanding the history and thus, I just took some photos around (Pardon me, I really hate history stuffs!).

I purposely adjusted the colour of my photos to make you feel this is a historical spot.



Ainu style huts


Red maple leaves



A beautiful lake

I'm so helpless now because I got a progress test tomorrow. Need to force myself to party with all the IASs & IFRSs tonight. FML

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