Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okurayama Ski Jump

Okurayama Ski Jump is located at Sapporo, the largest city and also the capital of Hokkaido. It was the main ski jump used in the 1972 Winter Olympic Games, hosting the 90 meter Large Hill events. And it has become a tourist spot and also a ski jump place during winter.

Can you see the cable car? They are used to bring visitors to the observatory deck where people can see the spectacular views over Sapporo city.

It's summer now and thus, no snow and no ski jump activities. But the weather was cool here. Super love it!

Hey, I won the first prize for summer ski jump. Not play play one ok?

When my hubby and me were walking around, a Japanese approached us and initiated a conversation with us. Of course he spoke in Japanese, which we couldn't understand a single word. We then talked to him in English to let him know that we couldn't understand Japanese. But this young guy was so nice and talked to us in English to offer us a FREE photo shoot with the ski jump place as the background.

He even passed us the medals and asked us to wear it for photo shooting purpose. He then used a damn professional camera with tripod to take a photo. Not only that, he helped us to snap two more shots with my camera.

Can you see our medals?

Within few seconds, he printed out the photo for me. So surprised for the speed and the professional service. And of course, you need to pay 1000yen if you want them to print a bigger size for you. Isn't it a smart way of doing business?

You know what? All other tourists in my group also wanted to take the photos after seeing mine. Then they started to queue OMG! But many still couldn't make it due to time constraint. So happy that we were the first pair. It was a super lucky day!

Bonus of the post to cheer up your day!!!

I don't know why they put this thing here. Maybe they were trying to let the visitors know that everyone who try the ski jump will get high like this. OMG!

I will reveal the real highlight of my Hokkaido trip soon!

Ok la.... Let you have a preview first.


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  1. Wow it all looks so darn pretty : D

  2. Wow, if got chance, I wanna go there and play around too! ;)

  3. Hai pretty, its been a while since I last visit to your blog..

    everything is so nice in the pictures!!

  4. i love the cable car, amazing~^^

  5. Just hop by to say Hello to you! -from "hwiyee" blog.

  6. Wow, you're so pretty! And I love your's so sweet! xD Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog, darling~ I'm glad to have discovered your blog which means I have more things for me to read now! Wee~ (^_^)v

  7. OMG the last pic... That is the best teaser!!! Can't wait to read bout the nice place!!!

    And u look very Jap dolly :) with that maxi dress and headscarf. So cute!

  8. i love ur dress ..
    so nice..

  9. The scenery there is so beautiful! T__T I want to go there too. The air seems nice (and good for the skin). lol.

  10. Wa!! Seems very nice wo..

  11. wow~ u look so pretty! ^.^

  12. wow, what a nice place. Ok, someday in the future I wana go there!! hehe


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