Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beautify myself

Last week schedule was really packed. Woke up 6am and work until 10.30pm. I'm extremely tired. Physically and mentally tired.

My colleagues described me as "terrible" and "funny" because I can sleep everywhere. I can fall asleep easily while working, attending classes and attending training. Office, classroom, conference room, car, public buses or even pantry are the places that I conquered my mind to meet "Datuk Chow".

I got a lot of photos to post but dunno which one comes first. Just randomly selected some which can best described my current workload.

Newly bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair series. This represents the new audit process tool implemented by my firm.

This is my cabinet for my skincare products. I really can't finish using them. I have about 14 types of facial masks which I don't know why I bought them. Impulsive buying emptying my wallet! All my facial sheet masks and cosmetics products are not in this cabinet. They are stored separately due to insufficient space.

The products in this cabinet are just like my workloads and my ACCA P2 syllabus. Can't finish even though how hard I try.

My manicure set excluding the art brushes and tools.

My creations .................. All are my painstaking works, just like all the audit working papers that I worked out




Lack of updates doesn't mean I have forgotten this blog ok? I will still continue to produce quality posts :)

STAY TUNED if you wanna smell lavender! All the way brought from Hokkaido!


Do you smell it? More to come on the coming post :)


  1. wa...your cupboard so full...this is really called gal's cupboard..
    but I'm wondering how you can finish all your product..haha...anyway i like the pic from Hokkaido.

  2. 你没有参加penang blog fiest吗?

  3. oh my . . i feel ur pain !
    my cosmetic cabinet in kl look almost the same as urs . . n its filled with endless bottles of skincares ! hahaha

    try using those moistorizers as hand/neck cream (: at least u can finish some of them without throwing n waiting them to expired.

  4. girl! i thought i was bad.. but your cabinet is... !!! Maybe you should do an online swap or something.

  5. Triton: penang blog fiest? Nvr heard it b4. How to participate?

    Evon T: Thanks for your tips dear :)

    saltvinegar: girls are like this. hehe

  6. this is funny. my cabinet is full of beauty products, just like yours. haha

  7. 怪不得进来就飘来“熏衣草”味~

  8. hello,carrie
    thanks for visited my blog=)
    nice to see u
    u looking angelic too❤

    and my fren bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair also,the effect seems to be good

  9. 好厲害好厲害,

  10. 谢谢您的慷慨 ~
    从您的文章 看到您的婚礼真的很棒!
    别担心 我一定会烦着您的
    嘻嘻 有较容易和您联系的方法吗?

  11. Eunice: You can add me @ facebook. My email add for FB is

  12. *gasp* I feel like wanna sneak into your house and steal your cabinet ~~~~~~~~~~ hahaha...*jealous*

    btw I'm a new follower to your blog ^^ Feel free to follow back my blog too ^^ thank you ^^

  13. yum yum so much you have there !! i saw some familiar brands.. i am like you too, keep buying dont know when will finish my stuffs! So gotta to be hardworking to finish it in order to buy more ! I love shoppinggg


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