Thursday, October 14, 2010

A breakthrough - DE TV

Watching TV is one of the must-do entertainments for ALL. Kids like cartoons, teenagers like love dramas and movies, working adults like business news, housewives like cooking shows and old folks like dialect dramas.

This is the black & white television in early days.

People received TV shows via an antenna, a big ugly thing that sits on the TV. When the reception was weak, it would probably snow 5 times a day, 6 days a week and 12months a year!

And, just think of it, No Remote Control!

But we are just so lucky because everything is transforming and improving, and now we can watch hundreds of channels on colour HD plasma or LCD TV.

All the evolutions are a gift to us and now I can sit comfortably on sofa, having my favourite snacks with the remote control beside me.

Aren’t everything is perfect?

But sometimes when you are unlucky because the sky needs to drop some tear, you will see some snow on the screen or worst, just a GREY SCREEN.

But do you feel frustrated when the TV screen shows you the service is currently not available when you are actually watching something that is very exciting and even can drive you crazy if you miss it?

Seriously, I will feel like throwing the remote control to the TV screen and scream like mad when this happens to me because I only watch TV like once a week, or once every two weeks for the shows I really really really want to watch. And I don’t have the time to wait for the repeat show! But every time I need to behave and keep on asking myself to calm down because I can’t let my hubby know that I’m such a bitch.

Can you imagine how hard it is to control my temper? It’s like holding my shit for hours!!!

But now I can watch my favourite show anytime. You know why?

Because I’ve discovered something that I have been longing for years.

Wanna know what is the super ultra good thing that really gratifies my watching desire?

It’s DETV!!!

You have not heard this before but I’m going to tell you how powerful it is.

This is the set-up box that comes with a small size decoder, remote control and two cables. What you need is just internet connection in order to for the decoder to receive its content. Yes, you heard me right, it’s INTERNET CONNECTION, not satellite dish ok?

High-quality video is delivered to your television through the Internet. Loading speed is just perfect!

Now I no need to wait for the repeat show for my favourite programs ^^ Instead, I can watch it anytime at my leisure because with DETV, the programs are archived 72 hours.

When I need some laughter, rewatch the funny part by just rewinding it. Really hate the super boring part of a game show? Just fast forward it. Wanna go out and buy some snacks? I can pause the TV and continue when I'm back!

Cool right?

DETV is super user friendly. Browsing is so much convenient! You can select the channel and program you want to watch from the program list by pressing only four buttons. I can even bookmark my favorite programmes anytime! Just like bookmarking your favourite web page!

What's more? I don't need to pay the expensive subscription fees!

Wanna enjoy non-stop entertainment on your TV via a broadband internet connection and a simple set-top box like me?

Check out their website and experiment it now!


  1. 哇~~ 要这样“强”么? :S


  2. wow! So cool! Thanx 4 ur info ya... Will check it out..

  3. Wow, this is the latest tv oh! So nice!

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  5. i gt attend to media preference before...really gt interest with it ^^

  6. wow!! This is awesome!! No need to fight with mom to get the remote control now! hahah~


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