Monday, November 22, 2010

I learn cooking from DETV!

I confess I was once a lazy bug that refused to learn how to cook. I did not dare to try to cook because I scared I would burn myself or worst, burn the kitchen.

But after getting married, my husband always complained about my bad cooking skills or no cooking skills. This made me super unhappy because you know, girls usually don’t want to know the facts and can’t accept criticism.

And also, girls usually like to win too! Because of my husband’s irritating complaint, I forced myself to learn cooking to prove that I CAN DO IT but just I DON’T WANT TO DO.

But how to learn cooking in the fastest way?

Recipe book? No No because I’m unable to visualize the process of cooking and I don’t like keep on searching the ingredient names on Google. Ok. This is how stupid I am in cooking.

But now I can cook at least three dishes plus one soup for my husband. Want to know who is my Si Fu?

It is DETV!

Yes, I learn cooking from DETV.

This is the program I watch.

With DETV, I can cook at anytime because its programs are archived 72 hours, and thus I can watch it whenever I want. You know, I work until 10pm almost everyday and when I got home, I feel like eating something light to fill my stomach so that I don’t look like “kayu” after months.

One day, I found one of the channels of DETV was showing a cooking session on how to cook dried scallop congee.OMG! I love dried scallop!

I tried the recipe out immediately (yes, it’s about 10pm) after watching because I got some super nice dried scallop which I bought from Hokkaido!

This is my “finished goods”. Dried scallop and meat ball congee. Perfect supper and also breakfast for everyday! Though it wasn’t super delicious looking, but who cares when the taste is actually beyond words?

My hubby loves me more now because I can feed him good home-cooked meals.

What to do after supper?

Hmmm............ Usually we ..........

Sit side by side and watch ................

Don’t think something naughty ok?

DETV la.....

My hubby’s favourite, some silly cartoons for laughter

My favourite, Japan travel program. Dream about it almost every night.

My idol. OMG! He’s so handsome and I wish my husband looks like him!

Our favourite channel after supper. Less cravings for foods when you are full right?

Bloomberg TV for me to check out news update!

FashionOne channel that spice up my life

I wanna learn their nice posing!

Hate the crowd and queue at World Expo? Tune in this channel and what you need to do is just sit back, watch and enjoy!

I can’t believe that I love DETV so much.

And I wanna tell you all that DETV is running a great promotion. Check this out !


Visit DETV now!


  1. DETV really gives a convenient life to all of us! :)

  2. Seen really very fun leh ^^
    Can enjoys it without rushing our time~~

  3. Oh!! Is a pps streaming or something like astro?!

  4. Anonymous5:31 PM

    What's wrong with readers thinking naughty? So what if you do it after dinner. It's normal and acceptable. Both husband n wife mah. Unless you tell me you don't do it at all.

  5. I love Gu Tian Le too!!!!! <3

  6. then tell yourself, your hubby is Louis Koo lo. :P

  7. wow chinese market is attacking the world now...


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