Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter wear on VIVI December 2010

What's hot for the winter fashion trend 2010?

I'm doing the research on what to buy for my Korea trip on January. The freezing temperature and Siberian air in Korea is going make it a real cold winter.

Let's see what is the must-have items that featured on VIVI December 2010.

Fur hat is the best investment to keep my ears warm i think.

Poncho. There are so many designs and I really like the rabbit fur poncho. So soft and comfortable. I wanna buy one and bring it to Korea for indoor activities. But I don't think I can show my sexy legs like this model on January T_T

Fur ear muff is super hot every year because it's so cute and warm OMG! I wanna get one with white rabbit fur and match with my white bubble coat.

Shoes are rising thigh-high this winter and over-the-knee boots are definitely in the mainstream.

Besides thigh-high boots, fur snow boots are super good to keep your legs warm. Furry feet will transform you to a sexier looks. I wanna wear this at the ski resort and have a walk on the white and snowy slope.

Camel coat is not to be missed. Easy to match with faux fur and scarf.

Malaysia has no winter and thus winter clothings are very limited in the shopping mall.

I really wanna buy those nice nice winter stuffs. I don't know where else to buy these because Universal Travellers, Winter Time and Zara are not selling the things that I want. Any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for the scans! Everything looks so cosy and cute, especially the ponchos

  2. fur snow boots is awesome but i wont consider buy coz never gt change for me to wear at malaysia~

  3. UniQlo..You can get from thr..^_^
    Boots I think Wooga boots~~

  4. Penelope: The ponchos look so lovely...

    min aris: yes. We will nvr have chance to wear it in msia except for camwhoring purpose. On your aircond. Haha

    slowbrogal: Really? Thanks for letting me know :)

  5. actually really super duper expensive winter clothes at malaysia.
    if u have time i got a suggestion :
    get ur fren help from UK, they got fantastic winter wear with reasonable price.

  6. i also looking for place to shop for winter wear, uniqlo quite limited.. but of cos i bought their fleece jacket!!!

    let me know if u find place to shop cos me also going winter hol in korea next year!!!

  7. wa... very nice wo!

  8. i plan to buy a boot for myself during my trip to taiwan in jan. Hope can get a cheaper one. :p

  9. amazing post thanks for sharing. Wholesale rabbit fur poncho from China


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