Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chef at home

Finished my exam finally and I'm now given FREEDOM to shop and blog.

I have full weekend outing plan as I wanna utilise my time to do something that I really want to before my firm sends me to hell. Why hell? Because I got tonnes of work to do and my job allocation schedule is full from next week til end of February. And they are all about DEADLINES. See! That's why I said HELL.

I disappeared for quite some time when I was on study leave as I restricted myself to go online often because I would end up blogging and chatting. Instead, I read some recipe books when my brain started to hibernate after lunch.


Reading recipe books doesn't improve my cooking skills until I practise cooking.

See what I prepared and try to guess what I wanna cook!


Obviously they were the ingredients for char kuey teow.

I replaced shrimps with fishballs and bean sprout with cabbage as I couldn't find any in my fridge.

Tadaa............... My final product

This is my first trial and it turned out to be too good. I think my cooking skill is getting better and better. Haha... Proud of myself.

And the surprise is .................


I cooked moonlight kuey teow for my hubby.

Mixed the raw egg with the fried kuey teow so the smoothness and the taste spread across the kuey teow. Yummy!

I'm going to have my dinner now.

Bon Appétit!


  1. Really excelent work! Wonderful!!!
    have a nice weekend!

  2. I don't dare to eat raw egg but your Char Keow Tew looks real delicious~~ YUM~~

  3. Wow... char kuey teow is not an easy dish. Congrats!


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