Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Ice

Super boring and tired working in Penang. I found myself loving all the stuffs with SNOW after I came back from Korea.

I desperately want this black sesame SNOW ICE in this super hot weather. The best thirst quencher!


Give me snow and ice ok? Who can send me back to Korea?


  1. so special, especially the black color.... :)

  2. Wow! That snow ice is so special!!! :)

    Eh, you are now in Penang? Wanna hang out for yumcha? :)

  3. now at seberang prai. Maybe going to penang on thaipusam day since that's the only we are free. But we kinda worry abt the traffic condition...

    Email or text me for further discussion

  4. Okay, just avoid to go city area, then it should be fine.

    Can email me at I dont have your email there. :)


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