Monday, April 26, 2010

Giveaway Contest

Thanks for my loyal readers that choose to stay with me despite my lack of updates during my busy days! Okay, I update quite often recently so you got no excuse to abandon my blog. Haha!

And now it’s the time to REWARD and BRIBE my readers to order to make you all keep on reading and supporting me!

I’m giving out a very special and precious little accessory to one of the selected reader.


It’s a STYLISH BOW WITH ROUND DIAMANTE that you can use it in many many ways!



To add some details on a simple dress and your dress will be transformed to a designer-looking piece


As a hair bow to enhance your kawainess


Add on this bow to your handbag and flaunt it in front of your friends


Boring with your hat? Decorate it with this bow and it definitely looks like a brand new design hat and make you look like a pop star with it!

It’s PRICELESS because this is 100% made by ME. IT’S ME! Don’t you think I’m a genius?

Winner will get the freebie delivered to his/her doorstep or if he/she is based in KL, I may personally pass the freebie to him/her.


(3 Entries) Post on your website/blog about this giveaway linking back to this post


(1 Entry) Follow me on Google Friend Connect (Scroll down and on my right hand side of my blog, find the Followers widget and click FOLLOW- See illustration below)


(1 Entry) Subscribe my blog (See illustration below)



(1 Entry) Follow Me on Twitter AND tweet about the giveaway by copying and pasting the below message!

Carrie LOVES her readers ~ Giveaway Contest #JOIN NOW!


(1 Entry) Post this contest at your Facebook wall and link to this post

Remember to leave a COMMENT in this post by giving me your NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS as well as your PERMANENT BLOG LINK (for those who blog), FOLLOWER ID (for those who follow), FEED READER NAME (for those who subscribe), TWITTER ID (for those who twitt) or FACEBOOK ID (for those who FB).

Only ONE participant with the highest number of entries will be chosen as the WINNER! If there are more than one winner, I will randomly pick a final one, and of course, using a fair method that is to be disclosed if this case happens.

WINNER will be announced on my blog and subsequently notified by email.

This contest is only applicable to those with a postal address in Malaysia.

**All entries must be received by Saturday, 1 May 2010 at 10:30 pm GMT**


Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I started to dream of going to HOKKAIDO since Form 4, after tremendously affected by the Japanese drama series.

Why I love HOKKAIDO so much?

Because I hearts the shiroikoibito cookies, cheese cake, lavender ice cream, king crab, ramen and …… *goes on counting.

What’s more? Their unique and spectacular scenery took my heart away.

Below is the must-visit places when I dream about HOKKAIDO.


onuma park
This is a great place for you to enjoy the beautiful nature view!


sapporo beer garden
HOKKAIDO is the birthplace of beer in Japan. And the beer factory looks so much nicer than any factory in Malaysia.



It is a long covered shopping arcade which houses all kinds of outlets ranging from food, fruits, clothing, pet shops and miscellaneous goods.

I heard the famous 100 YEN shop is here too!


otaru canal

Otaru canal is extremely romantic when the gas lamps are lit at night. For those who hearts european style buildings like me, you will defiitely love Otaru handicraft street, where you can shop and camwhore non-stop.

You can find glass handicraft shop, music box shop, museum, art gallery, ice-cream, dessert and many souvenirs here! It's so COOL!


lavendar farm2
Falling in love with this huge Tomita Farm in Furano

lavendar farm

For lavender lovers, the best visiting season is mid-July because the lavender will burst into bloom, and paint the entire farm purple. Super dreamy, aromatic and romantic!

I hope to join the Nuffnang Project Alpha and how good if they sponsor me for the shooting in HOKKAIDO. Then I can be a super popular blogger and go for overseas trips without getting boss' permission for my leave application because I will fry their sotong! WAHAHA!!!

I think I dream too much. *Slap slap slap!

Ok. Back to reality. Have you watched Episodes 4-7 of Project Alpha Season 2?
You should watch this because my best friend, Cheesie is in the show!

P/S: Lavender temptation is truly irresistible. Thus, I’ve decided to fly to HOKKAIDO on this July with my hubby for our honeymoon. Just an excuse for me to go travel again!

I'll be flying by MAS on 17th July. See you soon, HOKKAIDO!


Click HERE if you wanna know more about the traveller highlights, latest promotions and many many other exciting deals by MAS.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I ♥ Tegal Sari

Went to Bali for pre-honeymoon but only until now I can have time to post my photos.

Tegal Sari is the hotel that we stayed. It’s located at Ubud, a remarkable town in Bali and it's about one hour from Kuta.

Our refreshing welcome drinks!

We stayed in a two-storey villa, Duplex. This is the most expensive room in Tegal Sari and guess what? It's just about RM260 for one night! Ok. Let the photos below justify how nice is this place.

This villa is very special because it is surrounded by paddy field and has only a toilet and an outdoor jacuzzi bathtub with separate shower at ground floor.

B (2)

B (3)
Rustic feel outdoor jacuzzi. Couldn't wait to enjoy my spa!

B (4)
Staircase to first floor

B (5)
Toilet at first floor. The glass door is semi-transparent!!

B (6)
Our canopy bed!

B (7)
Special decor for honeymooners!

B (8)
So romantic!

B (9)
So sweet!

B (10)
We chose to have our breakfast at the front balcony to enjoy the amazing view


B (13)
Uninterrupted breathtaking view of the paddy field

B (12)
The hotel staff who sent us the breakfast

B (11)
My hubby, a nature lover, indulging in this superb environment

B (15)
The view at side balcony. It's paddy field again!

B (14)
Absorbing the gentle beauty of the paddy field

B (17)
My first ever spa in a jacuzzi tub facing the greenish paddy field!

Now I bring you walk walk and see see around the hotel ok?

B (20)
Swimming pool

B (19)
Jumping high! I was too excited!

B (22)

B (24)

B (25)
Green green green!

B (26)

B (28)

B (31)
Lotus leaves pond

B (29)
Back to our villa and changed my favourite maxi dress for shopping. This is our villa front yard

B (30)
Photos taken by the friendly hotel staff after we checked out

Tegal Sari offers many cosy rooms with awesome view at very attractive rates. Check out the rates and room type HERE if you are looking for a hotel in Ubud.

If you want a tranquil and secluded retreat, Ubud is definitely a good choice.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hair tutorial: New hair in the simplest way

I told you all that I got myself a new hair in the previous post right? But actually you all are being cheated!

Scroll down to know how did I play cheat ok?

I had been thinking about getting a fringe but I was so scared to make the cut. Moreover, I forehead will grow pimples once my hair blocks the pores.

But, I managed to have a dolly yet stylish fringe without any worries. And I don't even need to step into a salon to get my hair done.


What you need is ..............

H (1)
Styled fringe. Come with two clips that can instantly transform you to a new look!

H (1a)
Comb your hair backwards and secure it with bobby pin

H (1b)
Then clip the bang and it's all done in less than one minute!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH because I can still style my long hair in the ways I want.


H (2)

Blunt fridge really made me looks dolly (provided that I enlarge my eyes to the maximum using all the guys-wonder-why-girls-must-use products and tools & most importantly the fake lashes... You see, my life would be miserable without these).

H (3)

H (4)

H (5)
Just tie a side pony tail and you chance another new look!

H (6)
Love this pic..... cuz my legs look so slim and long! wahaha!

H (7)
Want to be a limelight in a gathering? Put on a hairband and some hair accessories!

H (8)

H (9)

H (10)

H (11)

H (12)
Curl your hair, tie up a high pony tail and put on a big ribbon and you definitely look like model in magazines

H (13)

For your information, I bought this styled fringe at Berjaya Times Square (a shop selling all kind of bridal accessories located at 5th floor) for only RM20.

Faster go and get one so that we all can be kawai and chio together!

P/S: I'm still in the process of uploading my photos to flickr so i can relink them to this blog. BUT I found flickr is just so time consuming for linking the photos to BLOGGER as I need to copy the html code one by one. Can anyone please share with me is there any way to link the photos faster?

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