Thursday, December 30, 2010

Portuguese Village Melaka

Went to this happening Portuguese Village at Melaka few days ago together with my colleagues after we finished work.

This is the best place to feel the Christmas atmosphere in Melaka. I didn't know the existence of such place until Nic brought us there.

I was so impressed by the Christmas decoration they had because this is just a small village, and some more it's in Malaysia.

After doing some research on the internet, I found out that most of the people living here would decorate their house into a beautiful heaven which attracts many many visitors that causes the traffic congestion at this area.


Introduce my darling, Shaz to you all.


Some of the decorations at road side were sponsored.

And this is the open house :) So nicely decorated

And this is the biggest air balloon Santa Claus there. Some one told me the owner of the house bought this Santa Claus from Japan. OMG! I wanna take him back :)

There were many many Christmas decorations but I was not able to snap the photos of them because the view was blocked by the house gate.

One of the random photo taken at Red House Melaka. We just passed by after dinner and made a quick stop for camwhoring :)

I taught them to pose but their legs seemed very heavy LOL

Christmas decor at Pavilion KL

I think this super grand golden curtain is going to be the most expensive decor item at Pavilion.


That's all for now. Will update more during weekend as I'm super upset now as I gotta wake up 6am to go Melaka for stock count tomorrow morning while everyone can enjoy the public holiday and have great plan for the new year eve.

Night everyone! Will post my anniversaries celebration photos soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary

25th December is a very important day for me because on today of last year, I signed a certificate that changed my life and my status.

And now, I can't believe that a year has passed!

This post is specially dedicated to us on our very first anniversary. You may not know I secretly PSed these photos to make them up on my blog. So this is just a small surprise for you. Sweet or not?

kg 10444 (97)b

kg 10444 (21)b

kg 10444 (5)b



Although no surprises for me on this anniversary (actually I did expect some and was slightly disappointed as my expectation went wrong) but I still feel very happy as we celebrated this BIG DAY with about 380 photos taken.










This year has been overflowed with smiles and happiness and I hope this will continue for the rest of our lives.

Happy 1st anniversary, lou gong!


With you at my side, every experience is beautiful!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

With astonishing and nicely decorated Christmas trees in the shopping malls and hotels, I feel the joy of the Christmas celebration approaching. 

25th December is a very very important day for me even though I don't celebrate Christmas. Tell you guys why in the coming post ok?

My initial plan was to celebrate this important day at Korea, where I can sit on pure white snow, make snowman and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful snow scene but I was not permitted to take leave in December and thus, I postponed my trip to January. Arghhhhhhhhhh................

My white Christmas vacation is gone............. Hopefully January would not be too cold for us.

And of course I'm still dreaming of white Christmas. So I purposely PSed my photos to create snowy feel as a way to comfort myself.

Wearing ear muff some more..... So real right?

It's snowing................ I think this is super real! I can have white Christmas now!


It's the time of the year once again; the time for Christmas parties and gift exchanges.

Wish you all lots of love, joy and happiness.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Dinner

Since I will be at Melaka on 22 Dec, we had an early Winter Solstice celebration dinner on Saturday.


Guess where is this place…………….



Does it look like the interior décor of some karaokes?

This place is located at Seremban, it’s not a karaoke but a restaurant.

It’s a newly opened Chinese restaurant called Silver Dragon, located at Seremban 2.

Their interior decoration at lobby

The food

I missed the combination plate. So no photos for it.

Love the sharkfin soup

Peking Roast Duck after sliced and prepared. This dish served mostly skin with little or no meat because this is the authentic version of Peking Duck.

The fish looked a bit horrible but it tasted quite good.

The tasteless prawn

Four season vege with dried shredded squid

Pecking duck noodle. I don't really like the strong duck smell.

Deep fried yam roll and mochi with red bean and mango fillings

Me and my sisters in law

I'm now in Melaka for field audit and will be back on Friday. Can't resist the delicious delicacies in Melaka honestly and my slimming plan will be all ruined by this trip.

Having super good mood when writing this blog post because the hotel I'm staying looks classy and it is very new, clean and comfortable! I'm not going to miss home so much at least. Haha.........

Happy winter solstice everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chef at home

Finished my exam finally and I'm now given FREEDOM to shop and blog.

I have full weekend outing plan as I wanna utilise my time to do something that I really want to before my firm sends me to hell. Why hell? Because I got tonnes of work to do and my job allocation schedule is full from next week til end of February. And they are all about DEADLINES. See! That's why I said HELL.

I disappeared for quite some time when I was on study leave as I restricted myself to go online often because I would end up blogging and chatting. Instead, I read some recipe books when my brain started to hibernate after lunch.


Reading recipe books doesn't improve my cooking skills until I practise cooking.

See what I prepared and try to guess what I wanna cook!


Obviously they were the ingredients for char kuey teow.

I replaced shrimps with fishballs and bean sprout with cabbage as I couldn't find any in my fridge.

Tadaa............... My final product

This is my first trial and it turned out to be too good. I think my cooking skill is getting better and better. Haha... Proud of myself.

And the surprise is .................


I cooked moonlight kuey teow for my hubby.

Mixed the raw egg with the fried kuey teow so the smoothness and the taste spread across the kuey teow. Yummy!

I'm going to have my dinner now.

Bon Appétit!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One more week to go

I'm now on study leave to make my brain malfunction so that I can pass the toughest ACCA paper, P2. I have never ever thought of passing a paper is so so so difficult until I take this paper. Honestly, I'm about to surrender.

I take ginseng pills, chicken essence, ginseng tea and soup to try hard to make myself not to fall asleep when I do revision but these things are not working at all.

Exam is approaching but I spent most of my time daydreaming, sleeping and wardrobe planning for my Korea trip. Do I deserve to pass? LOL

Hate myself to the maximum and can someone please slap me until I'm aware of the consequences of failing in this coming exam?

Ok... I'm not a smart girl that can pass without studying. Look at my study notes and text book.

The thickest and most horrible notes in my life. See, I compare my notes with the normal magazine and I think I'm now living in the hell.

And look at me during the study leave.







Still love to dress nicely and camwhore OMG! Don't vomit blood ok? I need to have some fun to add color to my boring study leave.

Please wish me luck and I really miss you all. Bye!

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