Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fine Dining @ Teeq Restaurant

Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversaries at TEEQ RESTAURANT, KL with my hubby few weeks back. Supposed to celebrate my birthday here 6 months ago but I couldn't make it due to the horrible morning sickness I had. Not to say dining, even shopping couldn't make me feel better.

Teeq serves Japanese, Western, Asian and Thai cuisine, but the varieties is much limited. The ample space and special interior decoration make this place looks effortlessly chic. It's all-glass facade allows diners to enjoy the view of the KL skyline.

Luckily we made a reservation, because we're the only guests. It just seemed like we booked the whole restaurant that night. So GOOD (~ ̄▽ ̄)

Love the ambiance.

Soft lighting and thus making it a super good place for romantic deals.

Our table

The classy open kitchen behind a glass of wine bottles

Ceiling with wooden strips that forms beautiful waves, a very special concept!




The complimentary bread

Our starter! Forgot what it called. It's a combination of fresh salmon, garden salad, grilled scallops and prawns baked with cheese. Love this so much!


Teriyaki chicken set ordered by my hubby

The gravy tasted not bad. Was quite surprised with the quality. It was over my expectation!

Here's come my main course - Aromatic lamb shank served with crushed Nicoise potatoes. This is also their signature dish, a must do for lamb lovers. The lamb shank was cooked with Mediterranean herbs, cheese gnocchi, chili and confit of garlic. The freshness and tenderness of the lamb is unforgettable and I don taste the funky lamb taste at all! Highly recommended!!


This is the Tiramisu with a Twist to end our dinner on a sweet note. This wasn't too surprising but it was quite satisfying.

Photo with hubby

Here's the bar area overseeing the fantastic KL night view!

The green oasis.

Overall, the food, ambiance and service is fantastic. But during the dinner I was disturbed by some mozzies. Perhaps that was a rainy day and I was wearing a black long dress. But it was really annoying. That was the only negative point I found.

How could wedding anniversary be perfect without anniversary gifts?

Sony Ericson Xperia Play for HIM. My hubby is a loyal Sony fans. He only hearts Sony products.

I have not received my anniversary gift because my hubby said he would only buy for me after I deliver baby. I have few choices for him but I won't reveal it now. So you all will know what is the gift on April (after the confinement) I guess.

2011 has been a good year for me though my blogging frequency was slightly reduced. I'm so proud of myself that I have developed some cooking skill and convinced my hubby that I'm not only good in social skills and giving myself a presentable look, but I can also play his mum's role by preparing some healthy and hearty meals for him (进得厨房,出得厅堂). The most amazing thing is my hubby and me have created a little life and will be promoted and proceeded to another stage of our lives real soon.


To end 2011, I've posted a long and gorgeous post in this New Year Eve.

So let us welcome 2012 with smile on our face and love in our hearts!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

My BUMP and me

This year marks a new journey for me. A journey with a "BUMP" on me.

Pregnancy tests before consulting doctor. So surprised with the results and we even tested 3 times!

Some pregnancy books to help this mama-to-be.

I experienced terrible morning sickness (or all day sickness) in the first trimester. Not only feeling nauseous and kept vomiting, but I got gastric that caused my stomach to generate higher amount of acid, making me hungry very fast and thus, I gotta take like 6 meals a day. And I gained 7kg at the end of my first trimester. It's unbelievable!!! It's something that I couldn't control but somehow I know I gotta prepare a big sum of money for slimming after delivery (╥_╥)

Normally pregnant ladies will start gaining weight only after their first trimester. But I'm the exceptional one ٩(×̯×)۶

When first trimester ended and the morning sickness finally said goodbye to me, I regain my normal life and feel so good when the little one started to move and kick inside my stomach. The movement is so amazing and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

It will be an endless story if you wanna know my experience. There’s so much to tell. Haha…………….

It’s FASHION TIME! Yeah, you can see how I dress up during this few months. I didn’t buy any maternity wear because their “S” size is too big for me. What I’m wearing everyday is the Bohemian dresses, sun dresses or loose top paired with low waist pants. Mama-to-be also can be very fashionable okay?

This is ME after gaining 16kg in 8 months time. NO JOKE!

My chubby face

I look sooooo PLUMP. My hubby started to call me FATTY (T_T)

Say HI!

Took some maternity shots with my hubby but I will only share ONE with you all now. If you are interested to see more photos, STAY TUNED!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversaries

That special day is here again. The day we took the vows of man and wife, forever, for life.

Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens. A good marriage must be created with effort from both sides.

kg 10444 (81)b
We promised to hold hands forever and share our laughter and tears.

Thanks for your cares, understandings, and unconditional love. I know you are impatient but you are still always waiting for me and driving me around :P



The sweet memories are engraved on my heart and I will try to forget those moments that you pissed me off and made me cry.


kg 10444 (192)b

I am so blessed to be your wife. As what I've always said,

"I want to grow old together with you."

Here's to many more beautiful years ahead.

And don't forget, YOU ARE THE LOVE FOR MY LIFE.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merii Kurisumasu

Will be spending Christmas this year AT HOME (−_−#)

So I can rest, eat, sleep and most importantly BLOG!

Here are some of the photos for this Christmas.




And here's are some nice foods that I had recently.


Mango pudding. Refreshing and mouth watering!

Mango special maruko drink. This is something like mango sago, but added mini glutinous rice balls inside.

Black sesame cream with black sago. I still prefer the pure and original black sesame cream. Too much sago and thus making the whole bowl of dessert tasteless.


Soft shell crab spaghetti with sesame sauce. Yummy!

Soft shell crab sushi. Couldn't stop myself from eating.

Chicken teriyaki spaghetti with onsen tamago. My hubby's favourite. The egg made the spaghetti so smooth and yummy!

The hotate pizza never fail me. Scal­lop, mush­room, tomato sauce and may­on­naise make a per­fect com­bi­na­tion to give my taste buds a roller coaster ride.

That's all for tonight!

Wish you all a very happy, peaceful Christmas, and a healthy, prosperous and spurs-winning New Year!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Otaru 小樽

Otaru is an old noltalgic city in Hokkaido with a lot of attractions and it's really worth visiting for the nice scenery and good food.

Otaru Canal is the landmark this city.

This canal will look very beautiful during winter when it's covered with the snow and candles are lit up to decorate this touristy place.

Street in Otaru.

Historic architectures. Love the buildings here



This was the shop I bought the most delicious cheese cake!!! Read my previous post about the goodness of the cheesecake HERE.

Sinfully delicious!


Two famous confectionery shops, Rokkatei (六花亭) and Kitakaro (北菓楼)! Their cookies are the best!


The shops behind are coffee houses that sell Hello Kitty mug with the purchase of the coffee! I didn't find it special although many tourists are crazy to get the mug.

Glass-ware is another trademark of Otaru. Many glassware workshops are located in this beautiful city.

This is one of the famous glassware shop called Kitaichi Glass Emporium, selling glass crafts, music boxes and lamps.



The music box befits this city of history and romance.



Merry-go-round music box. It costs more than RM250 for one!

Went to KL Pavilion and saw the Merry-go-round, which reminded me of different types of music boxes that I saw in Otaru and thus, inspired me to come out with this post. Haha.......

Going to have "Bak Kut Teh" as my dinner now! BYE!!

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