Saturday, January 29, 2011

♥ Hot chocolate

Went to Puchong for field audit last week and all of us had been working very hard for the past 5 days. You can't imagine how hectic was my life. Woke up 6.45am everyday, travelled to Puchong, started working from 9am til 12am. Insane rite? This is auditors' life.

I was so depressive, frustrated and demotivated honestly and even started to think negatively in every aspect relating to my job. I was about to scold my manager as I couldn't tolerate with some arrangements that resulted in unfair treatment to the staffs.

Because of the heavy workload, I became very emotional. I'm so scared to eat alone because this gives me a lot of time to think about the unhealthy hell life I'm having, which will make me feel even sadder. And I even cried because of this.

Everything was TEMPORARILY came to the end on Friday and I could finally recall what is "HAPPY".

What cheered up a half dead auditor?

See this!


My client is a coffee and beverage supplier and they made a lot of drinks for us on the last day of the audit. The hot chocolate totally melted my heart OMG! See the bunny!

This is the richest and thickest choco drink I've ever had.

What made me really happy?

I'm going to enjoy my precious weekend time with my family as well as to clean up my messy room. I'm always reluctant to work during weekend and not going make this as an exception.

I deserve a good rest.


  1. 好可爱的咖啡图案哦,你的顾客好厉害哦!!

  2. Janice10:35 AM


    I came across your blog while google-ing about skin care prodcuts in korea, you have blogged lots of your travel stories and fashion info!its a great blog, thumbs up to you!

    and get to know you are an auditor as well. i understand what you are going through, are u still attached to BDo? erm i can only give you support say jia you to you! learn to relax at some point of time :)take care .


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