Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back!

Finally back to Malaysia from freezing cold Korea!

Winter was really cold and unbearable there if you want me to walk on the street for more than one hour under the freezing temperature. My foot and my fingers were all numb even I wore snow boot with two pairs of wool socks and two pairs of gloves.

Here are some vain pix taken at Incheon airport while waiting for my flight back to Malaysia.




Love this hat but I had no chance to wear it during the trip because my ears could not stand the freezing weather without ear muff.

In overall, it was an amazing trip. We made 10 new helpful and nice friends during this trip, and without them, the trip would not be this meaningful and memorable.

And now I know you're all waiting for photos, but it's too late now. It's bedtime for me!

So STAY TUNED for my photos ok?


  1. really cant wait for the photosss..haha

  2. So excitiiiing *_* U look great in those photos btw! ; D so styliiish

  3. wow.. i want to see the snow in korea.

  4. welcome back. You look nice with the hat, i love it!!

  5. Wow! Korea is that cold? What is the temperature?

    But it's well worth the cold right? Snow is just so beautiful!

  6. YT: -18 degree Celsius. I can't believe I survived. But it's all worth it because we can never experience winter in malaysia :)


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