Monday, February 28, 2011

What to buy in Korea

For ladies, the most most most important thing to buy in Korea is skincare products!

BB cream and facial masks have so many varieties! I guarantee that you will faint when you walk in Missha, Etude House, Hanskin and etc.

The skincare products are so CHEAP compared to Malaysia!!!

I got these back after emptying my wallet!!!

Best buy- Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Normal price is about RM110 in Malaysia but it was only RM70 in Korea OMG!!! And I got a 4 piece gift too :)

The most expensive buy- Lady & Skin range. I briefly introduced about this brand in my previous post.

The star product of Lady & Skin- Cell Emotion RX Prestige System, consists of EGF serum (the one in white tube) and Placen serum (the one in metallic silver bottle).

About RM450 for two boxes, which is enough for one month usage. Yes, it's for only ONE month, which you only need to apply this at night time after cleansing and applying toner.

Step 1: Repairing EGF serum
Step 2: Repairing Placen serum

No step 3 and step 4 because this is an intensive repairing program, any other skincare products will not be able to deliver its benefits deep into your skin according to the sales assistant.

I used this expensive set of serum during my super peak and hectic period, whereby I only slept for 4 or 5 hours a day. I believe this serum really helped in repairing my dehydrated and aging skin.

Usually my skin will grow dark spots if I have insufficient sleep. But after using this, I do not notice any dark spot so far *touch wood*

The most visible result is the RADIANCE this product delivered. Really ♥♥♥♥ it!

I got myself 4 tubes of BB CREAM. One from THEFACESHOP, two from Hanskin and another one from IOPE.

This is the best and also the most expensive amongst the four I bought. IOPE BB cream, RM90.

IOPE is a famous brand in Korea, under a company which owns a few skincare brands including Laneige. After I googled around on the web, I found out that IOPE is surprisingly more prestigious than Laneige. I rate it the best because it has the SPF that I want, has a pleasant aroma and it contains shining pearl, which improves my dull complexion.

THEFACESHOP BB cream is economical but its not bad too.

KOREA produces the best ginseng in the world according to our tour guide. But the prices are too expensive and I doubted the quality of the ginseng sold to tourists, so I only bought these.

Korean ginseng tea and chocolate glutinous rice cake with ginseng filling

Purple crystal necklace from Dami Amethyst, which I mentioned in the previous post.

These are the long-awaited souvenirs that I promised to give to my lovely readers.

Vitamin A hydrating mask from Etude House

Sweet pink ribbon hairband


These style shots are to demonstrate how big is the ribbon. Say thank you ok?


Step 1: Go to my Facebook fanspage and click the "LIKE" button.

Step 2: Write "I love reading" on my fanspage wall.

I will randomly select ONE winner and the result will be announced at 10pm on 6th March.

Hurry up if you want to get these souvenirs delivered to your doorstep.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping @ Dongdaemun & MyeongDong

Dongdaemun and MyeongDong are both shopping heaven in Seoul. But I have to say there is not much things to shop for guys. And for girls, we can easily spend 4 to 5 hours hunting for the stuffs we want.

Here we go!


At Dongdaemun, you can see many many multi-floored shopping malls that will be selling til 3am or 4am. This is the best place to hang out if you are sleepless.

A spectacular temple/building nearby Dongdaemun

Doota, a world-class shopping center in Seoul

First time shopping from 11pm til 2am!!!

Authentic Korean street snacks

The temperature went lower at night and we ended up wrapping ourselves with super thick coat and scarf. This was how I experienced my midnight street shopping during winter with negative degrees!!!

Everywhere was selling winter clothing

And what I LOVE was skincare products!

Emptying my wallet

Was trying a rabbit fur hat at a shop.

Dami Amethyst got nothing to shop except purple crystals.



This is not the THEFACESHOP in Malaysia. This is a shop selling many types of skincare and cosmetic products by SAMSUNG. Yes, Samsung has its skincare line in Korea. And the products are not bad. Will write a review on their skincare products soon :)

Was trying their eye masks. They gave all the female visitors a pair to try on immediately.

Spent about RM600 at this place eventually


Nothing could stop my shopping madness when I looked at these shops and shops of great skincare and fashion buys!


Busy street

Hanskin BB cream shop. I spent more than 30 minutes to choose two bottles of BB cream because this shop was selling more than 20 types of BB cream. Definitely a NO NO place for guys

Photo sticker shop

Thought of taking photo sticker but too bad as we didn't know how to read Korean. So I just used my camera to take a shot and the end result was AWESOME!

Gloves and earmuffs

Winter boots

Everywhere is skincare shops. Korea is indeed a skincare heaven!

I was so impressed with the interior design of this skincare shop

This is Lotte Department Store selling all branded stuffs and they have a duty free floor too!

I'm in LOVE with Korean skincare seriously! Their masks and BB cream are so cheap until I bought enough for one year supply.

Wanna know what I bought?

STAY TUNED for the coming post! And I'm giving out some fashion accessories and skincare products to my loyal readers!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNY 2011

Today is the last day of CNY. So I decided to blog something about this BIG festival.

Chinese New Year would be incomplete without firecrackers as this festival holds immense traditional importance for Chinese.


My niece, Cindy Tai. My mum said she really looked like me when i was small.

She is super cute!

Primary school class 6A gathering @ Rebecca's house

Chat time

Eat time

Photo time!!! One of my best friend, Sze Chee.

Chee Hoe, working in Taiwan currently


Group photos


I would say this was a very successful gathering as there were 15 of us showing up.

Super love this kind of yearly reunion because this is how we keep the Chinese New Year traditions alive.

P/S: Pardon me for the unstructured flow in this post as I am writing this at 1am, and my eyes and brain are protesting for "overtime". LOL

Friday, February 11, 2011

Korea Winter Fashion Lookbook

Drafted this post quite some time ago but due to my hectic work life, I totally forgotten that I got something which had been waiting for me since last week to click the orange PUBLISH button.

Before I post more about my Korea trip, let's preview my winter fashion during my 5 days trip.

Shopping in a shopping mall at Myeongdong selling Gucci, Prada, Chanel and all other branded stuffs. So I gotta dressed up like "I look rich" LOL

Who says you have to wrap yourself like a dumpling during winter?

Christmas decor was still on even it was already 6th Jan

Up (left): LizLisa inspired floral print poncho (right): Ivory down winter coat from Universal Traveller
Bottom (left): Teenie Weenie red navy coat (right): Zara purple bubble coat

Due to the unbearable cold weather, my brain couldn't function properly and thus was unable to unleash my fashion sense. I didn't even bother to match my outfits as what I wanted was comfortableness and warmth. So I ended up wearing the white rabbit fur earmuff and furry snow boots everyday. My newly bought snow cap and knee-high boots were being forgotten totally!

The BIGGEST regret during my Korea trip was...........

I left many of my planned outfits in my over-weight baggage intact because changing hotel everyday making me super lazy to dig something buried at the bottom, which I gotta repack again after "treasure hunt". Those winter clothing didn't even have chance to walk out from the door of my baggage to see how beautiful Korea is. Eventually, they have been banished to the "cold palace".

How I wish I was back in Korea right now! It's so boring to be wearing the same type of clothing in Malaysia where it's summer all year round.

Waiting for a chance to shop for new spring clothing.

Can someone please invent a machine or whatever stuff called "time maker"? I want to make extra time. 24 hours a day is not enough!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I am so tired after some extensive cleaning exercise yesterday. Hate my maid for not doing her job and at the end all of us worked together to make our house clean. Slaving around like a maid on my holiday is not my idea of fun after working overtime for consecutive two weeks.

All the years I did not have to worry about my work on CNY but this year is the first year that I brought my files back and plan to type the summary report at home during this holiday. How miserable......

You know, I'm always a positive person that continuously looking for something that will forget my unhappiness and relieve my frustration.

I truly believe that 2011 is a special year for me. See what I got to cheer up myself!

Cookiessssssssssss and snacksssssssssss at my home. OMG! More than 20 varieties and I think I'm going to gain weight again

My heart was temporarily disconnected with my body when I was preparing these ang pows with my hubby

Bring me wealth.....

My new stiletto from Vincci

Liz Lisa style laced knee-high boots from minimaos

New clothes

And I got an exhilarating new year gift from my hubby!!!


But I was a bit disappointed because....................................

See the photo below and you will know why

The one at right hand side was the old stock I bought last year and the left one was newly bought. Super angry with Eu Yan Sang because the selling price for this bird's nest have gone up more than 15% compared to previous year. And they even reduced the bird's nest content!!! Arrrrrrrggghh...... I'm not going to buy bird's nest from them anymore!

Anyway, I'm feeling good now because I finally have some little time to do the things I love. Will throw my work aside until the very last minute....... CNY mood ok?


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and wish you all abundance of happiness and wealth!

It's a time to surround yourself with good friends, food, family, and drinks!


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