Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I am so tired after some extensive cleaning exercise yesterday. Hate my maid for not doing her job and at the end all of us worked together to make our house clean. Slaving around like a maid on my holiday is not my idea of fun after working overtime for consecutive two weeks.

All the years I did not have to worry about my work on CNY but this year is the first year that I brought my files back and plan to type the summary report at home during this holiday. How miserable......

You know, I'm always a positive person that continuously looking for something that will forget my unhappiness and relieve my frustration.

I truly believe that 2011 is a special year for me. See what I got to cheer up myself!

Cookiessssssssssss and snacksssssssssss at my home. OMG! More than 20 varieties and I think I'm going to gain weight again

My heart was temporarily disconnected with my body when I was preparing these ang pows with my hubby

Bring me wealth.....

My new stiletto from Vincci

Liz Lisa style laced knee-high boots from minimaos

New clothes

And I got an exhilarating new year gift from my hubby!!!


But I was a bit disappointed because....................................

See the photo below and you will know why

The one at right hand side was the old stock I bought last year and the left one was newly bought. Super angry with Eu Yan Sang because the selling price for this bird's nest have gone up more than 15% compared to previous year. And they even reduced the bird's nest content!!! Arrrrrrrggghh...... I'm not going to buy bird's nest from them anymore!

Anyway, I'm feeling good now because I finally have some little time to do the things I love. Will throw my work aside until the very last minute....... CNY mood ok?


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and wish you all abundance of happiness and wealth!

It's a time to surround yourself with good friends, food, family, and drinks!



  1. 下次不要跟他们买了...

    新年快乐哦!!! ^^

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to u!!!

  3. Love the Vincci heels. I want them too!!! So pretty!

  4. shocked....u really bought too much cookiesssss. Happy new year ya!! ^^


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