Friday, February 11, 2011

Korea Winter Fashion Lookbook

Drafted this post quite some time ago but due to my hectic work life, I totally forgotten that I got something which had been waiting for me since last week to click the orange PUBLISH button.

Before I post more about my Korea trip, let's preview my winter fashion during my 5 days trip.

Shopping in a shopping mall at Myeongdong selling Gucci, Prada, Chanel and all other branded stuffs. So I gotta dressed up like "I look rich" LOL

Who says you have to wrap yourself like a dumpling during winter?

Christmas decor was still on even it was already 6th Jan

Up (left): LizLisa inspired floral print poncho (right): Ivory down winter coat from Universal Traveller
Bottom (left): Teenie Weenie red navy coat (right): Zara purple bubble coat

Due to the unbearable cold weather, my brain couldn't function properly and thus was unable to unleash my fashion sense. I didn't even bother to match my outfits as what I wanted was comfortableness and warmth. So I ended up wearing the white rabbit fur earmuff and furry snow boots everyday. My newly bought snow cap and knee-high boots were being forgotten totally!

The BIGGEST regret during my Korea trip was...........

I left many of my planned outfits in my over-weight baggage intact because changing hotel everyday making me super lazy to dig something buried at the bottom, which I gotta repack again after "treasure hunt". Those winter clothing didn't even have chance to walk out from the door of my baggage to see how beautiful Korea is. Eventually, they have been banished to the "cold palace".

How I wish I was back in Korea right now! It's so boring to be wearing the same type of clothing in Malaysia where it's summer all year round.

Waiting for a chance to shop for new spring clothing.

Can someone please invent a machine or whatever stuff called "time maker"? I want to make extra time. 24 hours a day is not enough!!!


  1. i love ur winter clothes, vy fahionable..

  2. Like ur red coat and the ear muff. So cute :D

  3. nice winter wear !!! I was there just last 2 weeks !! Now I miss Korea badly!!!


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