Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping @ Dongdaemun & MyeongDong

Dongdaemun and MyeongDong are both shopping heaven in Seoul. But I have to say there is not much things to shop for guys. And for girls, we can easily spend 4 to 5 hours hunting for the stuffs we want.

Here we go!


At Dongdaemun, you can see many many multi-floored shopping malls that will be selling til 3am or 4am. This is the best place to hang out if you are sleepless.

A spectacular temple/building nearby Dongdaemun

Doota, a world-class shopping center in Seoul

First time shopping from 11pm til 2am!!!

Authentic Korean street snacks

The temperature went lower at night and we ended up wrapping ourselves with super thick coat and scarf. This was how I experienced my midnight street shopping during winter with negative degrees!!!

Everywhere was selling winter clothing

And what I LOVE was skincare products!

Emptying my wallet

Was trying a rabbit fur hat at a shop.

Dami Amethyst got nothing to shop except purple crystals.



This is not the THEFACESHOP in Malaysia. This is a shop selling many types of skincare and cosmetic products by SAMSUNG. Yes, Samsung has its skincare line in Korea. And the products are not bad. Will write a review on their skincare products soon :)

Was trying their eye masks. They gave all the female visitors a pair to try on immediately.

Spent about RM600 at this place eventually


Nothing could stop my shopping madness when I looked at these shops and shops of great skincare and fashion buys!


Busy street

Hanskin BB cream shop. I spent more than 30 minutes to choose two bottles of BB cream because this shop was selling more than 20 types of BB cream. Definitely a NO NO place for guys

Photo sticker shop

Thought of taking photo sticker but too bad as we didn't know how to read Korean. So I just used my camera to take a shot and the end result was AWESOME!

Gloves and earmuffs

Winter boots

Everywhere is skincare shops. Korea is indeed a skincare heaven!

I was so impressed with the interior design of this skincare shop

This is Lotte Department Store selling all branded stuffs and they have a duty free floor too!

I'm in LOVE with Korean skincare seriously! Their masks and BB cream are so cheap until I bought enough for one year supply.

Wanna know what I bought?

STAY TUNED for the coming post! And I'm giving out some fashion accessories and skincare products to my loyal readers!


  1. so nice~wish that I can go there in future~

  2. i wan i wan >.<~i also hope can travel there..

  3. There is only one thing better than shopping in Hong Kong, and that's eating. From small noodle joints to upscale French restaurant, you will locate all sorts of restaurant, eating hall and snack stall on earth in Hong Kong. Here I found small amount of Hong-Kong-styled snacks online ( This is definitely a good choice before I have $ for another trip.

  4. Your pics look awesome as usual :D

    Argh, I wish to go Korea in Winter too but seems like it is scarily cold hahaha.

  5. when u been there? a lot!

  6. Agnes: I went there on January, the coldest month T_T

  7. wow, it is really a shopping heaven for gals.. :)

  8. i wanna go to Korea!! I'll start save money for the trip after i graduate and get my first job.

  9. Anonymous8:57 AM


    Need help from you. May I know how to use the Cell Emotion RX Prestige System by Lady & Skin.


    Jamey Chiam

  10. Jamey Chiam: You can get more info at

    Hope it helps :)

  11. Hi,

    was seaching online for help on shopping in korea during winter month and i saw ur blog. if u dun mind me asking 4 ur opinion, my friend loves to shop, does tt mean its best not to go on winter season coz i heard they would only sell clothes according to season. n we're from sg!no point shopping fer winter clothes....
    sry 2 bother u with these, juz hope u'll help me, thanks!!! :D

  12. ain: You are right! If you go during winter, they only have winter clothings & accessories. So if u plan to shop for clothings, i advise you to go during Spring or summer.

  13. Anonymous10:50 PM

    hi where did you buy the lady & skin? pls inform me..thx in advance

  14. Anonymous: After some searching on the internet, i finally found the address of the shop.

    Here you go

  15. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Do they sell summer clothes anywhere during winter? im planning on going there this year end i love the winter but want to shop too.

  16. Hi Carrie,

    Which The Faceshop branch did you go to? I wonder if they sell ODBO skincare.

  17. Jess: Faceshop is everywhere in Korea. You can find a few outlets in Dongdaemon & myeongdong. But not sure whether they sell ODBO

  18. Anonymous12:32 PM


    Just to let you know, Samsung do not have its line of product. The Samsung that is printed on the box means Samsung is the insurer for the product. =D

  19. I'm going there next Tuesday and as excited as I shouldn't be,I looked up for seoul,myeongdong etc on the net and found your blog!

    I wish I'll have a great time like you did.

    A nice blog you have,and I followed;))

  20. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Can I know what's the price of the boots selling there? :)

  21. Yeah..i saw your photo at boots such a lovely store bcz im so crazy bout boots.

    may i know the name of the boots store? and how much the range for the boots there?

    im going there in this january..cant wait to buy so many boots

  22. chie: I dunno wat's the name of the shop but I think this kind of shops are just everywhere at Dongdaemon.

    Hope you enjoy your trip :)

  23. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Hi, I would like to go to the place where you bought the Lady&Skin products. However, I am not able to find the directions. are you able to direct me? thanks.

  24. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Hi Carrie,

    I'm also interested to buy the Lady&Skin products. May I know is this only sell in A plus cosmetic duty free shop? And is it near MyeongDong? Thanks.

  25. Anonymous: Here's the address of the shop, 首尔市麻浦区合井洞358-6 uni tawer 1F

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