Monday, February 28, 2011

What to buy in Korea

For ladies, the most most most important thing to buy in Korea is skincare products!

BB cream and facial masks have so many varieties! I guarantee that you will faint when you walk in Missha, Etude House, Hanskin and etc.

The skincare products are so CHEAP compared to Malaysia!!!

I got these back after emptying my wallet!!!

Best buy- Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Normal price is about RM110 in Malaysia but it was only RM70 in Korea OMG!!! And I got a 4 piece gift too :)

The most expensive buy- Lady & Skin range. I briefly introduced about this brand in my previous post.

The star product of Lady & Skin- Cell Emotion RX Prestige System, consists of EGF serum (the one in white tube) and Placen serum (the one in metallic silver bottle).

About RM450 for two boxes, which is enough for one month usage. Yes, it's for only ONE month, which you only need to apply this at night time after cleansing and applying toner.

Step 1: Repairing EGF serum
Step 2: Repairing Placen serum

No step 3 and step 4 because this is an intensive repairing program, any other skincare products will not be able to deliver its benefits deep into your skin according to the sales assistant.

I used this expensive set of serum during my super peak and hectic period, whereby I only slept for 4 or 5 hours a day. I believe this serum really helped in repairing my dehydrated and aging skin.

Usually my skin will grow dark spots if I have insufficient sleep. But after using this, I do not notice any dark spot so far *touch wood*

The most visible result is the RADIANCE this product delivered. Really ♥♥♥♥ it!

I got myself 4 tubes of BB CREAM. One from THEFACESHOP, two from Hanskin and another one from IOPE.

This is the best and also the most expensive amongst the four I bought. IOPE BB cream, RM90.

IOPE is a famous brand in Korea, under a company which owns a few skincare brands including Laneige. After I googled around on the web, I found out that IOPE is surprisingly more prestigious than Laneige. I rate it the best because it has the SPF that I want, has a pleasant aroma and it contains shining pearl, which improves my dull complexion.

THEFACESHOP BB cream is economical but its not bad too.

KOREA produces the best ginseng in the world according to our tour guide. But the prices are too expensive and I doubted the quality of the ginseng sold to tourists, so I only bought these.

Korean ginseng tea and chocolate glutinous rice cake with ginseng filling

Purple crystal necklace from Dami Amethyst, which I mentioned in the previous post.

These are the long-awaited souvenirs that I promised to give to my lovely readers.

Vitamin A hydrating mask from Etude House

Sweet pink ribbon hairband


These style shots are to demonstrate how big is the ribbon. Say thank you ok?


Step 1: Go to my Facebook fanspage and click the "LIKE" button.

Step 2: Write "I love reading" on my fanspage wall.

I will randomly select ONE winner and the result will be announced at 10pm on 6th March.

Hurry up if you want to get these souvenirs delivered to your doorstep.


  1. Seems like it is also a skincare heaven besides Japan !

  2. wah~i wan the gifts~~! winner can get both of the gifts?

  3. zhini: yes.... both :)

  4. omg ur buys made me feaking jealous~!!!!! Can't wait to head over to korea!

  5. 下次有机会到韩国,

  6. all is skin care!~tat what we call womens ^^ argg...i havent try buy so many in once time ^^

    not sure about the way of join~
    am i in right way?

  7. omg!!!! so much skincare!!!! siok!!!! >.<

  8. i like the purple crystal necklace.The pic that u with sweet pink ribbon hairband so beauty lol,i wan participate see can i get the souvenirs from u onot.

  9. wanna ask after i write "I love reading" then paste the link at ur fanspage wall ar??izit ??

  10. shhing_慧 : yes, you r right :)

  11. leng lui cheddarina,i edi paste to ur fanspage=)

  12. wow i'm curious about everything! ur so very pretty too :D

  13. 哇。。。粉红滴!!!!超喜欢!

  14. I always hear good reviews about the water mask but it doesn't react nicely with my skin :( Still, I keep trying thinking it will LOL Jealous of all your buys!! I just bought the yogurt mask by Laneige today! Love the brand.

  15. wow, a lot of skincare!! cost a lot look pretty in every photo :)

  16. Hi Carrie,

    i came across your blog and realised you were introducing the brand LS. I just came back from Korea & got some of their products. Totally love it. may i ask if Step 2 is suitable to apply around eye area?

  17. Janice: I didn't apply that around my eye area. Better not. Step 1 can be used for eye area, so i think is enough ... haha

  18. Janice7:37 PM

    just came acroess yr blog as i just returned from Korea.
    i didn't know we must buy skin care products in korea as others are quite expensive compared to Msia and the only things whihc are cheaper are their skin care.

    bought a little though (one bb cream only (should have stock up more!), sleeping mask, my mom bought the L&S pack (haven't tried yet) and masks.

    I'm wondering can i order online for korea skin care products? as i will not fly to korea in near future. any website to recommend?

  19. Janice: i do not know any website for korea skin care products. So sorry. Their BB cream is superb! So many types and so cheap! Ya. I'm an audtor n still with BDO. Are u an auditor as well?

  20. hai, recently i also went to korea and bought the lady & skin.. just one week use it.. what is the result after u finish use it??

  21. Beauty & Fashion: I think my skin is smoother and softer after using it. And the product gave my skin a healthy radiance. Not bad :) Do share with me the result too ya!

  22. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Hi, im currently in korea right now.. if you dont mind.. can u tell me where & what shop did u get the L&S product? I have been looking for that but i dont know where to find.. thanks in advandce ya :)

  23. Anonymous: After some searching on the internet, I got to know the shop name is A+名品化妆品彩妆店, located at 首尔市麻浦区合井洞358-6 uni tawer 1F

    Wish you luck!

  24. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Hi Carrie, loved your blog entry:)
    I'm heading to Seoul in sep, may I know which laneige outlet did you bought your products from?
    is the flagship laneige store in MD selling at the same prices?

    Also, are the ginseng products nice? And where can I get them?

    Thanks in advance Carrie!!:-)

    Ling (Singapore)

  25. Anonymous: Hi, thanks for reading my blog. I bought Laneige from a shop selling all different brands of skincare. This kind of shop is everywhere in Korea especially at Dongdaemun & Myeondong. The prices are all same if you buy in Korea.

    Ginseng tes or candy are just so so. If you wanna buy, I advise you to buy authentic ginseng. BUt it's very expensive. I'm not sure where to get authentic ginseng in Korea. Perhaps you can try to google

  26. hi dear, I am currently using the L&S Cell RX Repairing Serum range too! The results is gd! Skin is healthier but i noticed i develop a few pimples. Did that happened to u before too? And I rem the sales girl say no need to use any skin care pds including toner. So i never. Seems like the website says need toner?

  27. Anonymous10:28 PM


    How much is the price of the Langeie Water Sleeping Pack EX? In Korea.

    Thank Q

  28. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Lady & Skin products is the best item. I've bought this item in Korea 2 years back and I'm looking back to purchase it by end of this month during my trip to Korea.

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