Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm just so DEPRESSED!

I think my body can’t tolerate me working under this highly stressed environment. I started to behave abnormally (self-talking, impulsive buying, crying and many many more). I don’t even feel like talking when I reach home.

When I'm alone, I can hardly control myself not to think negatively. I do not know when all these are going to end.

I'm always cheerful and bubbly but this time, I was DEFEATED.

My dull and depressive look.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ROYCE Chocolate

After spending 3 days in Cameron Highlands without computer and internet, I'm finally back to my home sweet home.

Since I'm in very good mood (before I get mad looking at the numbers in the cashflow statement), I'm going to introduce my favourite chocolate to you all........

ROYCE' is a Japanese brand, well known for its NAMA chocolate, and was strongly recommended by my tour guide during my Hokkaido trip.

Prafeuille Chocolat

Its special deliciousness is................ sauce is sandwiched in this 3mm thick chocolate. I chose the dark chocolate with honey as I prefer something which is not too sweet. Take a bite, honey will explode in your mouth and then quickly melts away with the rest of the chocolate.

The packaging

One box contains 30 pieces of deliciousness

Can you see the honey sauce? Yum Yum!

Nutty Bar Chocolate

You know what it is from its name. This is all about NUTS! Chocolate bar that looks like Kit-Kat but definitely yummier because of the super rich flavor of hazelnuts, almonds, pecan, macademia and pecan.


Only 10 bars inside, and I finished it within few days.

Potato Chip Chocolate

This is something that I couldn't stop eating. One side of the ridged potato chip is covered with thick glossy coat of chocolate (how do they do that?) and when you take a bite...... Crrrunch! Salty potato chips + sweet chocolate taste melt together in your mouth! Two flavours are available, original and fromage blanc (cheese) and I personally prefer the latter. Best movie snacks!


Apart from Hokkaido, there are no ROYCE' outlets outside that region in Japan. Japanese have to get theirs in Hokkaido. We are so lucky because ROYCE' chocolate is available at Tropicana City Mall and KLCC Isetan!

I'm not getting paid for this post ok? Just to share my favourite chocolate with you all :)

OMG! The honey is oozing out......... (Yes, I'm enjoying the deliciousness of Prafeuille Chocolat now!)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine

Went to Pavilion with my friend and we were having headsche when picking restaurants for our dinner.

We then made a super stupid decision to visit the very quiet Lebanese restaurant located at 6th floor. Just to explore the taste of the Middle East.

Classy interior design

And quite romantic too



Basically we didn't know what to order....... at last we picked two dishes as recommended by the waitress

Grilled chicken with olive oil and served with lemon juice. Tasted sour which was not to my liking. The spring roll with chicken behind tasted sour too. Just like those overnight food OMG!...... I hate sour stuffs!

See, no wonder no customer. Don't think their food suit our taste.

And the price was quite expensive. I would rather have some breads to fill my stomach fuller.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Cheeseday

This post is dedicated to my BESTEST friend, Cheesie aka Ringo.

Some of the recent photos that we took. This can be considered as 4-in-1 shooting because we changed four outfits, which were for four seasons in a year.

Outfits are all sponsored by Minimaos







Dear, it's really hard to find a friend that can share almost everything with me. But you made it dear. You are the only and exceptional one all these years.

Okay, this is the most important part of this post.


Friendship forever and love you darling!

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