Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm just so DEPRESSED!

I think my body can’t tolerate me working under this highly stressed environment. I started to behave abnormally (self-talking, impulsive buying, crying and many many more). I don’t even feel like talking when I reach home.

When I'm alone, I can hardly control myself not to think negatively. I do not know when all these are going to end.

I'm always cheerful and bubbly but this time, I was DEFEATED.

My dull and depressive look.


  1. I hope everything turns out to be better for you!

    You have a great blog with wonderful pictures!

    Good Luck!

  2. relax..everything will be well~cheer up! =)

  3. You're probably over exhausting your body with all that stress that you don't have enough energy to sustain your mood... You need rest! And never spend time thinking and reflective during these times, you'll find that you'll only produce thoughts that will convince you that you are sad when it is simply your body that's tired.

    Get better soon!

  4. 需 要 放 松 的 时 候 , 就 该 学 会 放 松 ; 有 时 候 不 是 工 作 给 你 压 力 , 而 是 你 自 己 给 自 己 太 多 压 力 了 , 是 吗 ?

  5. Thanks all for the caring comments. I feel better now after relaxing at home. Will update my blog soon!


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