Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dolphin Watching at Lovina Beach

Was browsing my photos in "Travel" folder yesterday night and I found something that I loved most during my vacation in Bali. Yeah, it's the dolphin watching tour!

The journey to Lovina Beach took about 3 hours from Kuta. And you know what? We gotta woke up at 2am and prepare ourselves to depart at 2.45am. Yes, it was crazy because we couldn't even sleep in the car as the road to Lovina was extremely steep and twisting. We just felt like sitting on a "sampan". And when we reached the destination, I was super dizzy and sleepy.

Reached Lovina Beach at 5.45am. This was the private boat for us to explore the Indian Ocean and go to the right dolphin spot point.

After putting on the life jacket, we were ready to depart

The boat was so small

First time in my life watching sunrise

So beautiful, just like sunset

Deep blue sea water really caught my attention

Tranquil borderless blue ocean. Love the breathtaking postcard view.

We had to ride out further than expected to get to deeper sea in hopes of seeing dolphins. It took about 40 minutes, sitting on the boat with the same posture without laying our back. During our long journey to the deep sea, I had fears seeing the quiet and borderless ocean and TSUNAMI came into my mind. Imagine how we were going to survive because we were so far far away from the beach.

DSC01276 (2)b
My sleepy look

Finally, we reached the deep sea and spotted other boats.

All my fears disappeared when I saw these cute dolphins jumping around freely

Wow! All the friendly dolphins were welcoming us

DSC01247 (2)b

We did see a few dolphins, although not like the entire pod because they jumped and disappeared too fast.

On our way back to Lovina Beach, we stopped to enjoy the clear water and coral view

Playing with the water again

This was the handsome captain for the boat. Haha...........

Dolphin watching tour at Lovina Beach is an super exciting and unforgettable experience. If you are planning for a trip to Bali, don't forget to add this in your itinerary.

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