Friday, September 16, 2011

Hari Raya Open House

I went to my dearest colleague, Shaz's Hari Raya Open House last two weeks ago.

Here's some photos.

Shaz and her family prepared soto, meehoon and chicken rendang to welcome us.

Soto soup. Tasted good after adding in all the ingredients. Super super love this as this is a non-spicy food.

My FAVOURITE CHICKEN RENDANG!!! This is the best homecooked chicken rendang that I've ever had. Although it's spicy and not good for my stomach, but I just couldn't stop myself from eating.

Group photo. I don't know why I got this "just-woke-up-from-the-bed" look.

I noticed that the number of people visiting is getting lesser year by year as many staffs had resigned T_T

So happy that I can join them for a wonderful and joyous celebration. Ganbate colleagues! Let's face the challenges together! We are always the best!

**This supposed to be a long blog post but I'm really sleepy now and thus decided to save the remaining for the next.

Good nite everyone!

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