Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss you, my friend


The girl beside me is Xiaojing, a best friend of mine during university time. She's from China and we always worked together as a team for assignments. Really like the way she spoke English because her slang and pronunciation was so much better than Malaysian students. We graduated together and she left Malaysia and went to Australia to pursue her master degree.

After she finished her studies at Australia, she came to Malaysia on last year September and that was the last time I met with her.

Then, she returned to China for work and I lost contact with her because she did not reply my email and the worst thing is no facebook in China and thus, I couldn't find a way to contact with her til now.


Really hope you could see this blog post and contact with me ASAP. I feel very sad to lose touch with you honestly. Still remember the fun time that we had during the super stressed assignment time?


Have you ever lost touch with an old friend?

Did you ever try and reconnect with them? How did it go?


  1. 小学二年级的朋友,




  2. I so happy I can found back all my previous primary and secondary school from FACEBOOk

    that is really bad and sad if lost the contact with your friends

    may be,you can try to find your China friend by using the QQ

    Hope you can find her very soon

  3. Good luck! Hope that your friend will contact u soon.

  4. Good friends are real hard to come by, just like you to me. Drop her an email maybe, good luck.

  5. 友情就是很奇妙=)

  6. their wedding cake r so awesome!
    i love the castle one!


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