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What To Eat & What to Buy in Hokkaido

Actually this post is specially dedicated for a friend who is going to Hokkaido this month. He wants to know what’s the best food in Hokkaido that he shouldn’t miss.

These were what I bought from Hokkaido! OMG! I miss all the snacks so much!

Must-eat (1) – Crabs

Hokkaido crabs are so BIG, fresh and sweet seriously! If you are a seafood lover, you must try this out!

For more photos and information on Hokkaido crabs, please read my previous post.


Must-eat (2) – Lavender flavour ice cream

It tasted heavenly nice. Bought this at the Tomita Farm at Furano. I love the smoothness and the aroma. So refreshing!

Must-eat (3) – Potatoes

There are two famous type of potatoes here; Danshaku (baron) and Kitaakari (northern light).

I don't know how to differentiate. I just know the potatoes here are sweet and soft! It tastes perfect with the Hokkaido butter! You will never want to eat the normal potatoes if these type of potatoes are available in Malaysia.

Must-eat (4) – Cheese cake

Double Fromage, a double layered cheesecake with baked cream cheese and no-bake mascherpone. This is the signature product of LeTao, a famous bakery in Otaru.


I never expect Japanese can make such nice cheese cake. It's really the BEST cheesecake that I've ever had.

The velvety smooth, soft and creamy texture made this cheesecake stand out the crowd. The cheesecake was not too sweet, just tasted perfect and one slice is never enough.


Must-eat (5) – Cream Puff

Bought a 105yen cream puff at a convenience store in hotel just to fill my stomach. But it was too surprisingly yummy!


Look at the amount of cream inside OMG! Every bite was so satisfying as the sweetness and softness of the cream were oozing out.

If you are wondering what to buy for souvenirs? Check these out!

Must-buy (1) – Calbee Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Potato Sticks

This is really super nice! And I think it's only available in Hokkaido! But I also heard that it has suddenly shown up in Narita Airport!

These has a nice potato flavor and are lightly salted. Bought it at Chitose airport at 840yen for a box that contains 18 packs.

The heartiest snacks that you can't stop yourself from eating!

Must-buy (2) – Shiroi Koibito Biscuits

Love that melts into your mouth. You will not able to resist it after first bite! Read my previous post if you want to know more about this super famous cookies.

Must-buy (3) – Maruse Butter Cookie by Rokkatei

A product of Rokkatei (六花亭), one of the most popular sweets house in Hokkaido. You can shops selling Rokkatei's products easily at some street markets or even rest houses at highways.


Rich butter cream mixed with dried raisin is sandwiched with two pieces of biscuit. Yum yum..........

Must-buy (4) – Crispy Cappuccino-Frost Tatami by Rokkatei

The crispy layer of biscuits matched with the velvety smooth cappuccino cream! But it doesn't come cheap. It's about 800yen for a pack of four.

Must-buy (5) – Strawberry Chocolate Ball by Rokkatei

Available in white or black chocolate ball, with a strawberry inside. A little bit sour taste of the strawberry then serve with the sweet chocolate is a perfect match.


Must-buy (6) – Instant Bowl Noodles

Bought this at convenience store just to spend my Yen on the last night. But I never expect it could be so delicious. My hubby super loves this!

I've tried many type of Japanese instant noodles that I bought from Japanese food fair but none of them can beat this seriously.


The superb packaging! Love the soup paste, which turned this bowl of of noodles to a super yummy and taste like restaurant-served high quality noodles.

Must-buy (7) – Potato Cookies


These soft butter potato cookies were just amazing! Love the aroma. Arghhh.... Why we can't get it in Malaysia?

Must-buy (8) – HORI Yubai Melon Jelly

Yubari melons are renowned for their sweetness and perfect proportions. They are also know as the Japan's Melon Kingdom. I think this is only available if you are going during summer.

Chill them in the fridge, peel off the cover and savor the jelly with a spoon. It's akin to scooping from a slice of the famed Yubari melon. Yummy! The rich flavor, refreshing sweetness and mellow aroma of Yubari melons are the reasons for their popularity.

Must-buy (9) – ROYCE Potato Chips Chocolate

Crrrunch! Salty potato chips + sweet chocolate taste melt together in your mouth! Two flavours are available, original and fromage blanc (cheese) and I personally prefer the latter. Best movie snacks!

Must-buy (10) – ROYCE Nutty Bar Chocolate

Chocolate bar that looks like Kit-Kat but definitely yummier because of the super rich flavor of hazelnuts, almonds, pecan, macademia and pecan.

Must-buy (11) – Dried scallops

These premium quality dried scallops are not cheap. It was about RM120 for a pack. I still have some in my fridge.

Must-buy (12) – Baron Potato Candy

If you love potato, then you may love this. This isn't very delicious, but the taste is special. Candy is sweet but when it's mixed with butter, it tastes a bit salty. This is how I can describe the taste.


Must-buy (13) – Hokkaido Milk Candy

This tastes a bit too sweet but I still love it because it's the product of Hokkaido!

A good souvenir for friends too!

Majority of the cookies and biscuits from Hokkaido can only last for 2 weeks (yes, only 14 days) from the date of manufacture, which you can see on the packaging, with a stamp to show the "best use by". Meaning all the produces are really fresh, without preservative (I assume) and thus must be healthy!

After looking at all these good food, are you hungry now?


  1. My bf sis also said she cant forget the lavendar ice cream taste!~~oh!i love lavendar candy ~ dunno the taste is same or not~

    try once in china..but the taste too creamy~~~not so nice~

  2. Arrr... So much snacks and food! I'm so hungry now la :P

    Hokkaido is really a heaven ya!

  3. hmmm....i will get it soon... xp

  4. Best post ever!!!!!!! <3

    The Koreans really need to improve their variety in food...

  5. Hey, I bought white chocolate coated strawberry from beijing too. The outer chocolate is super sweet with the sour strawberry inside. doesn't suit my taste though.

  6. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hokkaido white chocolate farst making company name rokkatei thinking and memory

  7. Anonymous5:18 PM

    If don't eat wakasaimo please challenge for eat
    By hokkaido civil


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