Friday, December 30, 2011

My BUMP and me

This year marks a new journey for me. A journey with a "BUMP" on me.

Pregnancy tests before consulting doctor. So surprised with the results and we even tested 3 times!

Some pregnancy books to help this mama-to-be.

I experienced terrible morning sickness (or all day sickness) in the first trimester. Not only feeling nauseous and kept vomiting, but I got gastric that caused my stomach to generate higher amount of acid, making me hungry very fast and thus, I gotta take like 6 meals a day. And I gained 7kg at the end of my first trimester. It's unbelievable!!! It's something that I couldn't control but somehow I know I gotta prepare a big sum of money for slimming after delivery (╥_╥)

Normally pregnant ladies will start gaining weight only after their first trimester. But I'm the exceptional one ٩(×̯×)۶

When first trimester ended and the morning sickness finally said goodbye to me, I regain my normal life and feel so good when the little one started to move and kick inside my stomach. The movement is so amazing and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

It will be an endless story if you wanna know my experience. There’s so much to tell. Haha…………….

It’s FASHION TIME! Yeah, you can see how I dress up during this few months. I didn’t buy any maternity wear because their “S” size is too big for me. What I’m wearing everyday is the Bohemian dresses, sun dresses or loose top paired with low waist pants. Mama-to-be also can be very fashionable okay?

This is ME after gaining 16kg in 8 months time. NO JOKE!

My chubby face

I look sooooo PLUMP. My hubby started to call me FATTY (T_T)

Say HI!

Took some maternity shots with my hubby but I will only share ONE with you all now. If you are interested to see more photos, STAY TUNED!


  1. Congratulations dear!! You still look pretty during pregnancy~

    Let's take care and welcome our dragon baby together!
    Oh by the way, how many weeks already?

  2. Congratulations
    I know you will be a pretty mummy
    take good care ya

  3. Soooo happy for you (I know I've probably said it too many times) but I'm so elated that I can finally saying this officially on your blog & FB! Haha!!! Still as gorgeous as before, you are always petite since primary, the skinny gene is in your blood! So don't worry much & enjoy this amazing journey with your baby & hubby!


  4. Leeming4:53 PM

    Wan chuin, congratulations!!
    You looked more hang fuk than the skinny you before haha... I believe you're really looking forward the coming 2012. Take care!

  5. congratulations to u dear mummy to be

  6. wow...congratzzzz...long time din visit ur blog..once steps in, it's ur pregnancy news. ;-)

  7. Wow! Congratulations!
    You look gorgeous during pregnancy time too! It's so wonderful, isn't it? ^^

  8. Oh Oh oh carrie, 我很开心很开心!!!!!恭喜你!!恭喜你!!!太高兴了我们一起怀孕了,哈哈,可以谈怀孕经了,哈哈。原来你已经8个月了!好替你开心呀!!!我之前也是呕吐到晕,害喜很严重,所以整个人轻了下来。现在四个月半,重了2.5kg,我已经很开心了,因为我很担心营养不足!

  9. Congratulation mummy!!! :D You're still fashionable and trendy as usual :)

  10. ahhh... so happy for you!!! Congratulation... You still look very pretty even when pregnant! =)

  11. congrats to u, dont worry u still look pretty mama.

  12. Hayley: Abt 35 weeks now. Super excited! When is your due date dear?

    Sasa: Thanks dear and i will take good care :)

    Beverly's Secret: I really hope I can regain my body shape after giving birth. You also ganbate and produce a dragon baby k?

    ~珊姑娘~: 我也要恭喜你哦!我选最瘦的照片和你们分享嘛,其实有好多张都拍到我肥到不行。哈哈!

  13. Congrats~Feel so happy for you... You are still as gorgeous as before... And i guess you are a fashion and pretty mummy in future~ Once a again, congratulation!!!


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