Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rewarding Shopping

Christmas sales or year end sales are a great time get some good deals. Don't you agree with me?

Here are my recent purchases!

Spent a lot on skincare products. What to do? Auditors tend to get old faster.

My favourite brand, ESTEE LAUDER! I got a 8pcs gift set with the purchase of Advanced Night Repair series, which consists of a 30ml Recovery Complex and a 15ml eye complex that costs RM530 (the two bottles with two brown lines on the gold cap). Super LOVE the lip color palette!!!

Have been using Advanced Night Repair series since 3 years ago and I'm still loving them! The gel based Eye Complex is hydrating and moisturising enough without leaving a greasy feeling on my sensitive eye areas. I always feel that cream-based eye care products are too oily for me. And this is just PERFECT!

As for the Advanced Night Repair recovery complex (an anti-aging serum), I think it's the right product for me to prevent skin damage and reduce signs of aging. This product has gained good ratings from its customers and its advanced formula has 20 patents worldwide. According to its official website, this serum can neutralise up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals that cause damage to our skin. In addition, it's fragrance-free and non-acnegenic!!! Most importantly, it works well to improve my skin texture (I like to squeeze the blackheads and zits and thus making my skin rough and with large pores), retain moisture and makes my skin glowing!

I'm considering to have a try on SK-II Facial Treatment Essence next year! Who can tell me whether Estee Lauder or SK-II works better?

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Relief. I got a free lip gloss and a travel-size Repairwear Contour Moisturiser for purchasing this. Please read my product review HERE if you are interested. I remembered the first jar I bought was only RM140 but now the price has gone up to RM160. Boss, increase salaries please!

MAYBELLINE Pure BB Mineral Mousse. This was an impulsive purchase as it's below RM50. Just wanna try out the mousse texture whether it gives a smoother feel.

However, it's quite disappointing because the current IOPE BB cream (bought in Korea) that I'm using is much more better than this mousse. This mousse doesn't provide a smooth finish on my skin.

Lace top and pink princess dress. Love the combination of these two pieces. I want to bring them for my next year Europe trip!

Pink flared sleeve top with lace. Lace again! Pink color again! I can never get enough of lace and pink color!!! Haha.

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement about your style, start with JEWELRY!

Gold plated rose pendant with crystals. This is special and easy to match! Gonna be my favourite piece of accessories ^^

10 piece bangle set in pink. To match with my new flared sleeve lace top ^^

Elegant Retro Vintage Necklace. A good piece to match with a plain color top!

Sterling silver double-sided pendant with clear crystal. The front side- a perfect way to add element and shine on your outfits.

The back side of the pendant is full with small and shiny crystals. Wow! faster glam up yourself in this Christmas!

Horse hair leather purse. Super super LOVE this!! Looks so classy and elegant!

I'm going out for shopping again at KL Pavilion (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way) *Christmas mood*


  1. I like your pink princess dress. It's so lovely.

  2. I'm still struggle dun knw wan buy Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Complex or Kielh's Midnight Repair Serum...

  3. omg that is some hardcore shopping!!!! Love the items ur bot!
    I'm gg to KL for nuffnang blog awards! maybe we should meet up!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I read a HK makeup blog that MAYBELLINE Pure BB Mineral Mousse is veryyyyyyyyyyyy hot sales in Japan and HK etc cos its so good blablabla. Really feel like trying it!

    I agree that IOPE BB cream is very good. I'm using a sample tube now that lasts me forever~~ Love the texture and smell on my face, it has some kind of essential oil smell that feels good.. ^^

  5. im using the moisture surge too! so moiturising (duh!) and the next morning i can feel that my skin is 水当当 hehe

  6. You're going to Europe next year?!?! Wow... Where?

    Share with us more ok?

  7. Love ur blog and updates many pic to see. Wah lace...very nice, jewelry the way congrats preg


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