Monday, January 23, 2012

My sexy legs are gone!

Due to the weight gain and severe water retention problem, my slim legs have turned into a pair of elephant legs which I could hardly accept. You may think I exaggerated but I'm not. Scroll down to get my evidence!

Just to show you my slim and sexy legs BEFORE I got pregnant.



Since the 6th month during my pregnancy, I have problems fitting into shoes. My foots were swollen and my ankle disappeared after work everyday. But swelling was gone in the morning after I soaked my foots in hot water and did foot massage.

This is the proof.

When it came to the 7th months, swelling problem got worst. I couldn't find my ankles anymore from day to night (︶︹︺)

My foot on 36th weeek

Swelling problem seemed to get better at foot area (as you can see my foot got a lot of crease and wrinkle) but something WORST happened.

I totally can't accept this!!!

My swollen elephant legs. Swelling on right leg is more severe as you can see in the photo (crying in my heart everyday when I see them)

The sacrifice of being a mum. Fat legs that FATT MY LIFE!

There are two more weeks to go. I really can't wait to start my slimming program!

Before I end this sad post, I gotta comfort myself by posting some pretty and fashionable photos.

Leopard prints for this winter!


Love this dress so much because the cutting made me look real SLIM

Gonna update my blog more frequent. So STAY TUNED!


  1. Don't worry! I'm sure u will get ur slim leg back after deliver :) Hugs..

  2. Just hang in there! You 2 more weeks!!! Go Go Fighting~~

  3. :) .. later you will b busy taking care of your kids...then everything will be back to normal .. same goes like my wife..
    Happy CNY ..

  4. Don't worry, after u deliver ur BB, u will recover soon as long as don't eat too much meat during confinement (according to my friend)

  5. Ya, it's normal. Dont worry, things will get alright after you give birth~

  6. so cute mama... i am sure you will be fine too! You have gotta keep these pictures to show you baby in the future... the biggest sacrifice of a poor mum~ ^_^

  7. No worries, I am sure u will be slim and pretty again soon. After all everything will be worth it to get a healthy, pretty baby ^^

    Enjoy your last 2 weeks of pregnancy and all the best in the new year!

    U r still a chio mummy~

  8. 首先,恭喜你怀孕了!
    很抱歉,直到这个喜讯你已经快生了…… (>_<)'''


  9. I had swollen legs too when I pregnant, try to decrease sodium/salt intake :)

  10. Anonymous8:14 PM

    It was very very brave of you to share this... fact to on world wide web.

    Thank you for sharing.

    (Sheesh! I sound like a perve! Didn't mean to.)

  11. where you bought ur pregnancy dresses? I like the leopard one ^^

  12. Agnes Sim: That dress was given by my mum-in-law one year ago. It's not a pregnancy dress actually... haha

  13. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I m just passed by and saw your beautiful pregnant clothing, can you let me know where you buy those? Thanks..

  14. Anonymous: These are not maternity wear. Bought them at normal boutiques but couldn't recall where actually because quite some time already. You can try to look for bigger size dresses in normal boutique too


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