Friday, January 13, 2012

Tiffany Blue

My first post in 2012 should start with GOOD stuffs!

Went to KL Pavilion with my hubby on 1 January 2012. This would be the last KL shopping trip before I deliver.

Mom-to-be still loves to take photos as always


So many United Buddy Bears at the entrance of KL Pavilion. So cute OMG!


2012 is going to be a challenging yet rewarding year for me! Because I just got promoted as assistant manager and soon will be a mom.

To reward myself for the hard work and effort throughout year 2011, I bought myself a piece of stunning jewelry presented in a little blue box. Although I really wish to receive this as a gift from my hubby, but I knew he wouldn't do it because he doesn't know what is Tiffany & Co. (he's only interested in IT gadgets and those Japanese figures) and why every girl fantasises this little blue box.

Walked out from Tiffany & Co. outlet after my purchase. Love their service (◠‿◠)

Tiffany Blue is the pretty pastel that epitomises elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty. Lovely packaging that touches every girl's heart!!

Unwrapping! Are you excited?


Tiffany Keys collection - Heart key pendant with round diamonds and a 16" chain

Since I'm going to deliver in early next month and I'll be just sitting at home during CNY, I can save on buying new clothes and shoes. So I got a good excuse to splurge on Tiffany & Co.'s jewelry to motivate myself.

A good start that brings happiness and prosperity. Yippie!


  1. Soon, you don't have to clear queries anymore! Soon to be mom and AM ;)

  2. Congratulation!!! Girls always have excuse to reward themselves, including me. Hehe..

  3. Heart key pendant with round diamonds and a 16" chain really nice =)sure veri expensive.....btw congratz u to become a mom...

  4. Nice pendant!
    Cant wait to see your bb photo!! ;)

  5. 啊哈,很好的借口哦!哈哈!但这是真的,所以这时候买个Tiffany爱护奖赏自己是对的!好美!

  6. you still look so chio as a mother! :) take care! you will sure get a chio baby :D

  7. Oooh congrats! Yoi're still pretty as a mommy. Love the t&co. care to share how much i need to bring into a t&co shop?

  8. saltvinegar: The cheapest chain + pendant set starts fr RM400++ Not sure about others but u can check from their US website then convert to RM.

  9. I am surprise you will be mum soon! i think because i seldom blogging last year!!! Anyway, congraz ya!! :)


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