Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maternity shots (Part 1)

Here are some of the maternity shots taken during my pregnancy.

I'm still in confinement, having rest and also enjoying the precious moment with my little son.








Taking care of a newborn baby really require lots of patience. Breastfeeding is not as easy as you think. As a mom, my heart is filled with motherhood and I hope to do whatever possible to keep my baby happy, jolly, and protected from the world.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slimming plan

How to shrink my 40 inch stomach back to 24 inch waistline after giving birth?

I know it's not an easy job but it's not a mission impossible because I've witnessed many friends who gained back their sexy body figures within few months after delivery.

In my life time, I only had ONE time of slimming experience honestly. That time I was 42kg and went to slimming centre to shed 4kg weight to go back to my normal weight of 38kg. After spending about RM800 for 5 sessions of treatment and some detox drinks, I successfully got rid of water retention and the extra fat on my thighs.

I lost 12kg after delivery. YES, you heard me right. My weight reduced from 60kg to 48kg in 6 days time after delivery. My baby is 3.52kg and the rest mostly is WATER i guess.

ut I still have 10kg to go in order to reach my ideal weight of 38kg.

It's 10kg!!!

What a cruel and depressive fact that I have to accept (¯―¯٥)

Can any slimming centre sponsors me? I can be the spoke-person for your company FOR LIFE!

Okay, stop dreaming! I must work hard and tell myself I CAN DO IT!

So I've prepared something that I think is essential to help me to get in shape!

1. Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung)

It's a cotton cloth to wrap the belly so as to push up the uterus, clear water retention, wind, spasm, shrinks the belly and helps to reduce weight.

Got this from my friend, Wei Yin. And I have started to use this on my fifth day after delivery.

Did you all know the popular Taiwanese celebrity, 小S also used belly wrap to shrink her belly? The one she used was pure cotton cloth shown as below.

This is widely used in Taiwan and China but I prefer the traditional Malay belly wrap because it's easier to take off when you wanna go toilet.

2. Traditional Malay Postpartum Massage

This treatment involves the use of massage oil for the body and traditional herbs applied to the stomach. This kind of massage works well to help uterus to shrink to original size and to reduce water retention.

After this 3 sessions of the treatment, I have successfully reduced 2kg weight. Thanks to the hot stone steam/sauna.

I'm considering to get another 3 sessions of the treatment after one week.

3. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day and is of course best for baby.

These are my plans before I sign up any slimming package with those expensive weight management centre.

Hope I could lose all the extra kgs with the above methods so that I can save more for my Europe trip. Please wish me luck!!!

Super miss my silky smooth hair..... My hair now looks like SHIT and smell bad. I just can't wait for the HAIR WASH day!!!

10KG and FAT BELLY, I will get rid of you all soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Pregnancy Photo Diary

Was browsing through all these photos the night before I admitted into hospital for delivery. Just can't believe that I've gone through 40weeks of pregnancy. The every single change from the day I knew I was pregnant to the day I gave birth was a new experience which was simply amazing (except the terrible weight gain and stretch mark).

5th week- The results of pregnancy test kit and then followed by ultrasound scanning done by my obstetrician. Doctor said:"CONFIRMED PREGNANT!!!" Saw the yolk sac which was a small tiny dot on the ultrasound monitor.

20th week- From the ultrasound, we could see the shape of fetus clearly, showing his head, back bone, hands and legs. Still vomited every morning. Felt my very first fetal movement on 16 April. It was the most incredible and amazing feeling!

28th week- My bump was real big and started to have stretch marks on my hips and thighs.

Had terrible pubic bone pain which doctor said was rare to happen on mum who just had their first baby. Perhaps I walked for too long time when I went KL for shopping. Couldn't even walk properly and change my sleeping position. I thought I was going to experience it for the remaining pregnancy period but I was okay after 2 and 3 weeks.

Fell down in washroom at client's office. I faced down when I fell and thus, my bump touched the floor and I felt like my bump was like a soft cushion protecting me and caused no pain at all except my knee was slight injured. So panic and scared. Hubby rushed from Seremban to Bangi and sent me to hospital for checking. Thanks God, everything was alright.

34th week- I was getting super emo. Despite mood swings, I was easily irritated by small things and cried badly. I couldn't accept the horrible weight gain and water retention problem that made me look like a round ball as well as the fear on labour.

37th week- Felt the need to urinate more frequently due to the weight that baby put on.

39th week- Stopped working and started to plan for my confinement. Enjoyed the CNY with baby inside my stomach although I looked like a ball.

40th week- After vaginal examination, doctor told me that my cervix had dilated 2cm and I might deliver anytime. But at the end, there was no sign of labour and thus, doctor decided to do induced labour.

Finally I've accomplished my mission on 9 February 2012!!!

Proud of myself! Just can't believe that I can make it WITHOUT epidural! All the pain is worthwhile because he's the greatest gift to us.

I only have this photo at the moment. Love touching his little fingers.

This is a post written before I delivered. Now I gotta spend more time to REST!

Will update soon! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Getting Closer

Finished reading a blog post on the process of labor and delivery. Tear dropped when thinking of the unforgettable 9 months. From morning sickness to the amazing kicks and rolls, flat tummy to big bump, 39kg to 60kg, sexy legs to elephant legs. Everything seems like just happened yesterday.

I feel my body is more awkward and heavy. Getting out of bed or rising from a chair really require extra effort.

Baby is very active now and keeps kicking me at night when I want to sleep. The kicks and punches make me feel painful sometimes. At night, I struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Soon I'll be seeing my precious one. Really can't wait for that!


I must be BRAVE!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

February: Season of L♥VE

Did you all remember I mentioned that I did a photo shooting session with my hubby after my Valentine's early celebration in previous post?

Here's the PHOTOS!











We had so much fun doing the photo shoot. Especially so many times of "NG" when taking the funny series. We kept laughing until tear drops and stomach pain.

The precious memories are captured and sweet moments are embossed in my mind ♥♥♥ I can't ask for more.


How do you plan to celebrate this coming Valentine's Day with your loved one?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

(Excited + Nervous) x 10

The above formula describes my current feeling to the fullest.

After consulting my obstetrician on Tuesday, I think I'm not really ready for the long awaited delivery, which will be happened within these few days.

OMG! Time passes TOO FAST and very soon I will be experiencing the pain of being a mum and I will get back my flat tummy. But I'm so scared about the PAIN!!!

Forget about the fear of pain.... forget about the fear of pain.... forget about the fear of pain.... *hypnotizing myself

I'm trying my very best to be "productive" so that all the photos taken wouldn't sink into the sea. Do you all love me for being a hardworking blogger?






You all must be very boring reading all my pregnancy stories. Let me share some super useful beauty tips to reward you all.

Must-have item to rescue you is AVENE Thermal Spring Water.



Normally people will still wash their face even though it's already late. But I discovered a good solution so that you can skip this step and save 5 minutes! Yes, I'm a lazy bug and I've been practicing this for more than 6 months if I ever wake up late in the morning.

Step 1: Use oil absorbing paper to remove the excess oil on your face.

Step 2:
Then spray a lot of spring water on your face (go take your clothes from wardrobe while waiting the spring water to get 80% dry) and you can straight apply your sunblock or BB cream to complete your look.

No flaky or dry skin but a super refreshing feel that make you look GOOD!



Step 1: Wash your face as usual at night

Step 2: Spray AVENE Spring Water on the cotton pad and rub it all over your face and put the cotton on the dry and rough area for one minute (you will be able to feel your skin becomes much more softer and smoother immediately)

Step 3: Skip toner and continue with your normal skincare regime.

Let me know if you have other better tips ok?

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