Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slimming plan

How to shrink my 40 inch stomach back to 24 inch waistline after giving birth?

I know it's not an easy job but it's not a mission impossible because I've witnessed many friends who gained back their sexy body figures within few months after delivery.

In my life time, I only had ONE time of slimming experience honestly. That time I was 42kg and went to slimming centre to shed 4kg weight to go back to my normal weight of 38kg. After spending about RM800 for 5 sessions of treatment and some detox drinks, I successfully got rid of water retention and the extra fat on my thighs.

I lost 12kg after delivery. YES, you heard me right. My weight reduced from 60kg to 48kg in 6 days time after delivery. My baby is 3.52kg and the rest mostly is WATER i guess.

ut I still have 10kg to go in order to reach my ideal weight of 38kg.

It's 10kg!!!

What a cruel and depressive fact that I have to accept (¯―¯٥)

Can any slimming centre sponsors me? I can be the spoke-person for your company FOR LIFE!

Okay, stop dreaming! I must work hard and tell myself I CAN DO IT!

So I've prepared something that I think is essential to help me to get in shape!

1. Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung)

It's a cotton cloth to wrap the belly so as to push up the uterus, clear water retention, wind, spasm, shrinks the belly and helps to reduce weight.

Got this from my friend, Wei Yin. And I have started to use this on my fifth day after delivery.

Did you all know the popular Taiwanese celebrity, 小S also used belly wrap to shrink her belly? The one she used was pure cotton cloth shown as below.

This is widely used in Taiwan and China but I prefer the traditional Malay belly wrap because it's easier to take off when you wanna go toilet.

2. Traditional Malay Postpartum Massage

This treatment involves the use of massage oil for the body and traditional herbs applied to the stomach. This kind of massage works well to help uterus to shrink to original size and to reduce water retention.

After this 3 sessions of the treatment, I have successfully reduced 2kg weight. Thanks to the hot stone steam/sauna.

I'm considering to get another 3 sessions of the treatment after one week.

3. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day and is of course best for baby.

These are my plans before I sign up any slimming package with those expensive weight management centre.

Hope I could lose all the extra kgs with the above methods so that I can save more for my Europe trip. Please wish me luck!!!

Super miss my silky smooth hair..... My hair now looks like SHIT and smell bad. I just can't wait for the HAIR WASH day!!!

10KG and FAT BELLY, I will get rid of you all soon!


  1. congraz to u !!!~
    u so hard work to maintain this all!~
    i gt heard ppl said massage was good for diet too ~

  2. WOW!!! That's awesome! I'm sure u will reach your target soon. Jia you!!! :) and Congrats again!!

  3. 再次恭喜!



  4. Wish to see your baby girl's photo!

    Confinement is a crucial period, you have to eat as nutritious as possible. Losing weight? Hmm, think about it later la, it'll never be too late! Plus, I think you're doing great so far~
    Take care!

  5. Sure you can make it !!

  6. Really Good Post!!

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  7. u sure can de...hope wil achieve the target u wan...

  8. 再次恭喜漂亮妈咪!

  9. Y.A.H.O.O!!! I know you can do it! Keep it up~~

  10. I believe you can lost the weight very fast

  11. Slimming is the most headache part for mommy. Wish you best of your luck.


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