Monday, April 30, 2012

Confinement Food

New moms are advised to eat as much as possible according to traditional Chinese confinement practices. After reading many many articles from websites, newspapers and magazines, I can conclude that it is not necessary to eat that much during confinement period because what new moms really need is a BALANCED DIET to help in recovery. Instead of eating more, it is better to eat good quality food. If you eat more than what you need, it will end up giving you extra pounds and even change your eating habit.

I'm definitely not that kind of new mom that can finish eating one chicken a day. Rice wine chicken for 30days is also a absolutely NO NO for me. According to the diet practice of Taiwanese, you are advised to take light, less oily and easily digested food for the first 14 days after delivery.

Okay, just to share with you all on the things to prepare before delivery.

Soft cotton mamma confinement shoes. I think socks are not good enough especially when walking on the floor in an air-conditioned room. Super love this pair of sweet and comfortable shoes.

So Hup pills are well known for dispelling wind from body

Sheng Hua Tang helps in excretion of lochia


Chicken essence

Brown rice

Ginger, the most important ingredient in every dish

Some of the traditional Chinese herbs

Liquor and wine

Everyone is aware of the benefits of a properly prepared confinement meal but not everyone can actually prepare it properly and deliciously. And I was so lucky to get a confinement lady who can tasty delicious confinement food.

HERE'S MY CONFINEMENT FOOD! Really miss all these taste so much.

Steamed chicken with ginger. Tasted super nice.

Steamed fish with ginger.

Stir fried meat balls with mushroom 

Stir fried fish with wine

Stir fried fish with shredded ginger

Braised pork knuckle with black vinegar

Typical rice wine chicken

Sesame oil chicken

Pan-fried minced meat patties

Steamed chicken with angelica and boxthorn fruit

Stir-Fried Pork with Ginger and Black Fungus

Pan fried chicken with black pepper

Braised potato with chicken

Steamed chicken with rice wine and herbs

Stir-fried broccoli with chicken and rice wine

Stir fried sweet potato leaves with shredded ginger

My confinement period was relaxing and yet torturing. I was like a QUEEN during the precious one month period. No work, no stress. I really enjoyed being served by people. But the cons are no outing and no hair wash.

Speaking of no hair wash during confinement, I found many experts' advice on this and many concluded that hair wash is permitted after 14 days provided you blow dry your hair immediately after washing it with hot water with special herbs. Is it a good news to all the moms-to-be?

I hate those traditional Chinese taboos honestly. But I gotta follow the fundamental one to ensure I regain my health. According to the traditional Chinese physician, air-cond room is definitely NO NO for me because my body is weak and wind will easily get into my body which will cause a lot of health problem when I grow old. Sigh..... This is the sacrifice of being a mum.

All moms-to-be, please remember that, what may work for one, may not work for another.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Two months has passed. 46kg is my current weight. From 60kg to 46kg, I know it's a lot, but it's still far to reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 38kg (* ̄m ̄)

I'm not really into any diet plan because my work doesn't allow me to have chance to take low carb meal. As an auditor, I can only feed myself with the food nearest to my clients' office during lunch time. So there are most probably rice and noodles.

I've made up my mind to consume some SLIMMING PILLS or DRINKS, but not now, at least have to wait until post delivery of 3 months. I know these stuffs may not be good but seriously I have no time for exercise and I just can't wait to put on my sleeveless tops, tube dresses, mini skirts and body hugging shirts.

I hate looking at my wardrobe because I will take FOREVER to choose an outfit for my outing. All those clothing can only be seen & touched, but not for me to wear.

ARGHH............ (>д<)

This is how I look now! If you think I still look great, then you are definitely wrong. I've put many many attempts to take photos until I got the result I wanted. And of course, photos that you see are the best amongst those shots.

I wouldn't say I'm a fatty now but I have a big butt!!


First time in my life to see myself in "no shape". Super upset seriously!

But, everything single pound I gained is worthwhile when I see my little one smiling and showing cute and funny facial expressions.

Day 5- Ken looked like 招财猫


Day 7 - Ken can pose better than mummy!

Day 16

Ken really likes to take photos :) Pre-natal education works!!

Mummy L♥VES you

I want to be a mummy with a BIKINI BODY! To call myself a FASHIONISTA, I must snap back into shape ASAP!

All mummies who are trying to slim down, let's work together to achieve our targeted weight and body shape ok?

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