Wednesday, May 09, 2012

MURUA Flower Girl Feminine Mode Styling

This is my first decent fashion post after childbirth. Feel so bad because I just can't accept my current chubby look. I keep searching for something which fits my current body shape and yet can be worn after slimming down.

This is one of my recent purchases and it scored the highest and that's why I chose this to add a new episode to my lookbook.

This is my first piece of MURUA item.

MURUA Folded Lace Embellished 3Way Cape Top. Available in black and white and I think white is the best to make the cutting and design stands out.

This top is one of the items under MURUA's spring/summer 2012 collection, under a theme called Flower Girl Feminine Mode Styling. 

Fall in love with this top as this is so versatile and stylish!


Still look chubby



Love this shot because I look taller!

I'll be sharing my secret weapons to get back into shape. STAY TUNED if you are interested.

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