Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Secret Weapons

Finally, you can see a new post after 6 weeks.

My current workload is killing me and I really hate that! Really hope time could pass by as fast as rocket so that I can bid this hell a goodbye.

I feel so touching to receive emails from my readers asking how I am doing and sending regards to my baby and me. Thanks a lot for the concern. You guys are just fabulous!


I have not signed up any package but I did several first trial sessions at different slimming centres. The main reason for not committed myself to any package is , I have no time for slimming treatment honestly. To get optimum result, I have to go for treatment at least two times a week, which is a mission impossible for me.

Without any exercise and treatment, the chance of slimming down is real SLIM. But I won’t simply give up. I strictly control my food consumption pattern and also invested in some secret weapons.

Scroll down to see what are my secret weapons if you are interested.

#1. This is the traditional bandage cloth used for belly wrap. Widely promoted in Taiwan as Xiao S used this before after her delivery to slim down. This is super cheap but super inconvenient to use. Unless you can afford to pay someone professional to wrap this cloth on your body using the right method, if not this is just a waste of money because I only used it twice. The cloth is so long and you will have to spend 5 minutes to unwrap the cloth whenever you go toilet and spend like 15 minutes to re-wrap it again.


2. Surgical Velcro binder. Bought this from Columbia Asia Hospital for about RM32. According to the physiologist, this quickens body’s postpartum recovery and helps to flatten “mummy tummy”. Started to use this after my confinement because bengkung was super inconvenient especially I wasn’t at home. In addition, I just can’t wear any nice cloth with my bengkung on. This surgical binder is super easy to use and it gives strong compression. But after using it for two weeks, the edge started to ride up. And I think it’s too short as it doesn’t cover my upper abdomen.

#3. 2 pieces flexible velcro waist binder. Inner piece. Picture below is outer piece.


#4 Shapewear . The first piece of shapewear I bought (M size) and this is now too loose for me.

#5 Pelvic belt. It helps to close the gap (Diastasis Recti), that can develop after a pregnancy. Too bad that I only get to know the existence of this superb product 2 months after delivery.

#6 Another shapewear. Worn only once as it doesn’t provide good compression at the tummy part.

#7 Girdle. This is a M size girdle with breathable material. It does a good job to tuck in my tummy and shape up my thighs. It’s getting looser as this was my first piece of girdle that I bought right after confinement.

#8 Girdle again! It looks good but the result is not as good as girdle #7.

#9 Corset. Comes with zip (front) and hook (back). I only can wear this with the help of my hubby. But it fits me perfectly and shape up my body instantly. This becomes my daily weapon for the shaping mission.

#10 Ginger extract lotion. Recommended by the Malay massage lady and she said this would help to burn fat and can be used during confinement. It’s super cheap. Only RM20. Available at outlet store in Tesco.

#11 Anti-cellulite gel. Have a warm feeling after applying. I’m not sure about the result but I can say it does help to burn fat. At least I apply something, which is better than nothing. Available at Lady Map, Mid Valley.

It's time to show you my latest photo so that you can know how good are my secret weapons.


I'm now 44kg, still a bit far to my target weight of 38kg, but to make it faster, I've started to consume a slimming drink. Will share with you all next time after I got the result!


  1. wow... i think that really works! look how good you are~

  2. 啪啪啪啪!!!你做得很好!现在简直就不像个刚产后几个月的妈咪呀,slim & pretty!你很棒!




    *看到你的fb偶尔的update,知道你在工作上不开心,加油哦 =)

  3. ~珊姑娘~: 我其实已经很失败了。原本打算在产后3个月内回复之前的身材,可是工作太忙,根本没时间去做瘦身疗程和产后瑜伽 :( 你要加油哦!一定可以做到的,好好把握这6个月的瘦身黄金时期哦!

  4. You are looking good enough already!!
    Just to share my experience, I lost 8kg so far, but then still 6-7kg to go to go back to my weight before pregnant, hur hur..

    SO now I'm using Velcro binder from Cosway, and apply a type of ginger cream everyday. Am thinking to get a shapewear too, my hips and thighs are still big :(
    About the traditional bandage, I had one too. I wrap it everyday during confinement, but now lazy already cause I got the Velcro type, hehe.

    Let's work harder to slim down, mummy! ;)

  5. 你很棒哦,在短短的几个月以后,就可以瘦下来哦

  6. Gigimei1:33 PM

    Hi, may I ask what brand you use for #5, 9 & 7? Still looking for one that can show result.
    You look good!


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