Monday, July 23, 2012

Shoe Mania

Finally you see my updates!

Do you all miss me?

Due to the hectic work life, I've yet to celebrate my birthday. My celebration means either having special dinner or short trip or both! Next month will be a more relaxing month for me! *pray hard*

So I've booked a room at a FIVE STAR hotel to celebrate not only my birthday, but also my hubby's one *finger crossed*

This post is all about SHOES! You know why? My pre-pregnancy shoe size was 36 but due to the severe water retention problem that I had since 2nd trimester, my foot fails to return to my pre-pregnancy size, and now I just can't fit into those old shoes. So I have excuse to shop for NEW SHOES!

Love this design! Bought it for my collection as I don't think I will wear it for more than 3 times.

Camel platform pumps.

Peep toe wedges

Another pair of platform pumps. Very VIVI style

Khaki criss-cross strappy heels

Even my shirt says "I LOVE SHOES"

Photos taken three weeks ago, and I'm even slimmer now.

Love my current slimming treatment and diet plan. I shed 3kgs in 3 weeks! STAY TUNED if you wanna know more about my slimming plan ok?

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