Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life with a BABY

Hectic work life is killing all my time. I don't get to see my little boy, kiss him and play with him everyday, which always makes me think I'm not a good mother.

That's why I seldom go shopping in KL and even abandon my blog because I really want to be with him as much as I could.

And of course, I can still take a day off from work and go shopping and vacation with my hubby to release stress.

I only go to KL like once every two months now, compared to twice a month before I got pregnant.

Okay, it's now PHOTOTIME for my most recent shopping trip. Photos were taken on early July and still looked a bit round and chubby.

Wore a dress and heels which I bought on last year.







My lunch at Hokkaido Ichiba. And here's my favourite WAGYU beef!!!

It was so soft, smooth and heavenly delicious! I wanna try again when I go Japan this year end!!!

Chawanmushi. I only can eat steamed stuffs as I'm strictly following the diet plan provided by the slimming centre. It works!!!

Drooling over hubby's soft shell crab and of course I took a bite :P

As promised by my hubby, here's my belated present for our wedding anniversaries.


I'm not a fan of Bonia but this was seriously "Love at first sight". Finally I found this type of watch which fits my skinny wrist. Had been trying for other famous brands but those watches just looked too big for me.

And of course it's quite expensive. Thanks hubby ♥♥

Save the BEST for the last.

Super love taking photos with my lil boy.

I'm a new mom desperately in love with my little bundle of time-consuming joy. This little human being entered my life and filled a very important place in my heart. Just holding him is a sweet reward ♥♥♥

I enjoy spending time with my him, even though it is very tiring. When I bring him home during weekend, I just feel like carrying him in my arms like a newborn, staring at him and talk to him but time passes so fast, my little boy no longer likes to take a lay down position when I carry him.

I didn't understand the special love of a parent and child until I hold my newborn for the first time. I must say having children is the absolute LOVE that you cannot explain until it is experienced.

Mother nature makes me a better mother. Don't you agree with that?

To all mamas and mama-to-be, good luck and welcome to Motherhood. Its a long hard ride, but just you wait until they give you that first smile and laugh and say "Mamamamama" for the first time. You'll fall even more in love!


  1. gosh time flies... your lil boy has turned into a lil man! Look at that smile... so charming and adorable~ wow, i think you have done really well taking so many roles all in once - working woman+mom+shopaholic! definitely a super mom!

  2. The food looks delicious! hahaha dawww your hubby is so sweet. OMG your son. Super cute! more pictures please.

  3. 宝宝好可爱呢。。。。

  4. I want more of Ken please! He is so chuuby and cuteee! You too pretty mama, looking good as always!

    Yea, motherhood is tiring but when the boy smiles, everything is worth ;)

  5. Carrie,你是好妈妈,不要因为这样而自责哦!我也是working mummy,所以我了解,但是我并不想生活知识100%的baby,偶尔要有自己的生活,哈哈,所以我选择上班=p
    你已经成功瘦到像怀孕前了!!!很好料!!!我下降得很慢,到现在才下降7kg=( =(



  6. your little man is cute! congratz


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