Thursday, September 27, 2012

Give me FACE! I show you my BODY!

As promised, I'm going to share with you all about the firming and cellulite cream for face and body!

Before I show you the products, let's see my round and chubby face 6 months ago 0_o

I feel like slapping myself for ten times whenever I look at this photo. I still remember my hubby called me "Fatty" that time (*≧m≦*)

Managed to shed 1kg but I was still out of shape. Basically I only took photos with my son because I wanna capture all the precious moments as you know, babies grow up far too quickly.

Photo with Ken after his very first hair cut. He looked so big in this pic

Still haven't signed up for slimming treatment and did not lose any weight. Wearing sleeveless top unveiled my gigantic flabby arms :(

Just couldn't accept my face looked so much bigger when taking photos and where's my neck???

After few sessions of the slimming treatment and combined with the strict diet plan, 3kgs just said BYE BYE to me. Ken has grown up and no longer looked like a newborn

Finally I could fit in the new jeans that Ringo bought for me (^▽^) Getting closer to my targeted weight and body shape....

Baby Ken in smart casual look. I SLIMMED DOWN successfully and my chubby face is gone \(*T▽T*)/

Now baby Ken's face looks so much rounder compared to mine :D

Full length photo with my V-shape face (looks more like a U-shape) but I guess I just can't make my face sharper unless I go for BOTOX

It's time to unveil the secrets!

Nu Skin Galvanic Face Spa (RM1375). A small and portable device that aids detoxification and lymphatic drainage for a brighter and younger complexion. Bought this because the price is about the same with the facial treatment course that offers 6 facial therapy sessions. So I think the price is still reasonable.

It's selling like a hot cake and there are so many celebrities are using it!

How does this device lock your age and make you looks 10 years younger? After doing some research online, I found out that it's using self-adjusting current system that helps lymphatic drainage as well as deliver nutrients to the skin. It's designed to work with its facial treatment gel to address aging problem and it works GENETICALLY to increase cell turnover rate and repair. Sounds powerful right?

After 4 treatments using the galvanic face spa, the most visible result is the lifting around eyes area. I also noticed the dehydration problem on my cheek improved. I forgot to take photos before I started using this. So it's hard to see comparison but you can google and there'll be more than thousands of testimonials.

I tested it on my mother-in-law's face and the result was surprising! The treated side was obviously lift up and I just couldn't believe it!

Besides Nu Skin, I'm also using Clarin's Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum (RM230). But guess this will not be my repeat purchase since Nu Skin can actually deliver better result

As for neck, I invested in Estee Lauder's Ultimate Lift Age-correcting Creme after reading positive comments on the web (RM430 for 50ml).

Tadaa...... Slim or not?

Bought full set of Collistar slimming products at Sasa

Sea-salt body scrub (about RM145). It gives a warming sensation which I love very much because I think it can help to burn fat faster!

Intensive abdomen and hip lotion with plant stem cells (about RM160). For night use only.

Right: Anticellulite Thermal Cream (RM195) Left: Intensive firming cream  (FOC). Started to use this after I finished my slimming treatments. I applied the anticellulite cream after the abdomen and hip lotion mentioned above every night and my thighs reduced by half a inch.

Clarins' Extra Firming Lotion. Heard it's quite good and thus gave a try but I have not started to use.

Nu Skin's Galvanic Body Spa (RM1375). Original price about RM1,800 but I purchased it during the launching month so it was so much cheaper! As you know, from 60kgs back to 38kgs, the skin will lose its elasticity and I desperately need good firming products. This device can help firming, slimming and shaping. 3 in one!!!

Used twice on my abdomen, thighs and hips. It does help to lighten my stretchmarks and reduce cellulite! I think it will work to give a lift to my butt. 3 times a week, I will continue to use it consistently! Will update the result once I get to see a more visible one.

I dare not to say I'm very successful, but I did achieve my targeted weight and body shape. Trust me, everyone can do it! What you have to do is to be STRICT to yourself. Mee hoon soup and plain oatmeal are just so nice to help you to lose weight! Exercises are wonderful and applying cream is a relaxing treat! It's your determination and persistence that can transform you into a beautiful lady!

And lastly, let me motivate you using this photo! This is the "BODY" in my post title to attract you. Haha ..... (*⌒∇⌒*)

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. GANBATE!


  1. "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. " this is the most sentences I liked to.

    You'r the beautiful mummy
    admire you much~~
    Ya, u look so slim now..hehe

  2. agree with your last sentence, will gambateh...I also using Nu Skin Galvanic Spa, but i think my version is older than yours.

  3. Hmm, that Nu Skin thingy is very interesting but too expensive for me la! :(

    Anyway, you weren't that bad in the first photo, really. And now, you're really one hot mummy! Jealous lo! :P

    As for the Collistar, I am using as well.. But din't really measure my thighs... But sometimes I did feel my tummy is flatter, LOL!

    Lastly, truly agree. 世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。。。

  4. i might have to bookmarked this page for future reference!

    you're looking hawt as usual now! congrats haha!

  5. Wow! You've really slimmed down a lot! Looking hot! ^^

  6. Yes!!!我一直相信世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人!我没有其他妈咪那么幸运可以产后自然瘦,所以我很努力!
    Nu skin很贵,哈哈哈,加上我喝着其他牌子的营养餐,所以不会尝试。 那个Clarin's Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum 我在用着,觉得有效,可能需要再长时间来看到更好效果!做么你买rm230的,我买到的事rm245叻!!!=( =(


  7. ~珊姑娘~ : 你已经是天生一副瓜子脸,羡慕死人啦! 你要加油哦!

  8. Diet is really a long term plan and a lot of determination needed. You are awesome, really really! And to believe that you are only 38kgs omg! It's hard for me to get to 48... almost impossible... and u r already a mum of a healthy beautiful baby. That is jus unbelievably awesome!

  9. Where do you purchase the body galvanic spa?

  10. Where do you purchase the body galvanic spa?

    1. Hi nuramilin! I can help you how to purchase the Galvanic Spa as im an Executive Distrubutor of Nuskin. Message me on facebook to help you order it online. Add me,Angeli Pia from Cebu Phippines

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