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How to slim down after childbirth

This post is dedicated to all my readers who are keen to know how did I regain my pre-pregnancy weight and body shape. Say LOVE ME okay?

And of course, my slimming plans are not only for mummies, it’s actually for ALL who wishes to have wonderful silhouette.

I started my slimming plan after 4 months of childbirth. Reason being was my body was particularly weak and I took a lot of traditional Chinese herbs soup and consumed D.O.M. on every alternate day up to 3 months. D.O.M is strictly prohibited if you want to lose weight as it contains high level of sugar.

The fastest way to lose weight is to CONTROL YOUR DIET. There’s no shortcut!

Here you go, my NO-HUNGER DIET menu. My everyday menu throughout the slimming course was extremely boring and tasteless.

Breakfast –2 boiled eggs + 1 bowl of plain oatmeal + one small apple

It’s PLAIN oatmeal, without condensed milk or MILO. I couldn’t get use to the taste at the beginning , so I added a spoon of honey. Subsequently I ate the oatmeal by adding the Japanese seaweed seasoning and after 2 weeks, I could finally swallow the tasteless plain oatmeal.

Lunch – Meehoon soup + One dish from Menu one*

Dinner – Steamed veggie with osyster sauce + One dish from Menu one* (small portion)

Menu one* –Yong tauhu, veggie, fishballs, meatball, steamed fish, grilled chicken and etc. as long as they are steamed or stewed.

For dinner, it would be good if you could take only Steamed veggie with osyster sauce + 1 bowl of unsweetened cereal. Sometime I just took one huge portion of steamed veggie with osyster sauce and it could last the whole night.

Tips for the above diet plan is to make sure you are 70% full. If you feel hungry after a meal, you can drink unsweetened soy bean milk or cereal to fill your stomach. That’s why it’s called NO-HUNGER DIET.


It was amazing! I lost 1kg per week. And of course have to combine with the slimming treatments to get the optimal results. I believe good diet plan + slimming treatment or exercise will make the weight loss process faster.

This is the slimming package that I signed up.

Ultra-energy magnetic cellulite and slimming treatment.

This method encourages the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues, and also enhanced the fat burning process.

After the treatment.

Perhaps you never heard it before but it did work well on me! After 20 sessions, I shed 6kgs in 7 weeks by strictly following the above diet plan. Don't ever think of taking deep fried food, curry or anything very oily and sweet because I could see the body fat index increased even weight maintained.

Apart from the abovementioned, I also invested in sleeping socks to reduce water retention.


Super comfy! Not sure about the results as I'm not using this alone. I also purchased some sea salt for foot spa to reduce water retention.

Sea salt purchased from pharmacy. I put half of the packet into the warm water and soaked my foot for 20 minutes twice a week.

Peppermint reviving foot soak from Body Shop. Leaving my legs smooth and silky after spa.

Sea salt with peppermint. It smells like Mentos.

If you have no time for slimming treatment and can't resist the good food, then you definitely need this


Pelvic changes will cause the gap to widen during pregnancy. I had severe pelvic pain during my 2nd trimester, and even after childbirth, I had problem on getting up from bed. Pain was relieved and I recovered after using bengkung and pelvic belt (as mentioned in the earlier post) during my confinement.

When I resumed work, I just couldn't wear the bengkung and pelvic belt and thus, I chose to get a girdle and a waist nipper to close the gap.

I think shapewear is a every-mama-should-have item after childbirth to shape your body and close the pelvic gap. Not only that, the shapewear also firmed my skin, reduced cellulite and lightened stretch marks (*^▽^*)

I know wearing it for the first time may not be comfortable but for the sake of health and beauty, I got used to it within few days.

I just cant accept my flabby stomach bulging out when I sit down or bend my body. I believe this is also something that is hardly to be accepted by all new mamas rite?

After slimming down, I had been considering a few brands in order to get a value-for-money shapewear. After some research and price comparison, I decided to buy Premium Beautiful shapewear, a wellknown shapewear brand amongst Malays, sold by Hai O Markeiting. Didn't not know that Hai O is doing that well in Malay market. Obviously many many Malays are wearing it and this is selling like a hot cake!

Wanna know how good is this Premium Beautiful? Check out the photos below.

Normal corset. since nude color will make my body slightly bigger, thus I have desaturated the photo for better comparison.

My Premium Beautiful shapewear (just bought it few days ago). It really gives a wonderful silhouette! Love the back design as I can always pull the string to adjust the tightness on the waist line. This is the best waist nipper honestly!!!

With Premium Beautiful shapewear on, my waist is now 23 inches. OMG! Even slimmer than the time before I got pregnant (/^▽^)/

And the price is so much cheaper compared to other brands. It's about RM2k for one set (bra, waist nipper and girdle) and it offers lifetime warranty!!!

If you are interested to get one, you can drop me a message or email me at

I can get my friend to arrange for a free trial.


After slimming down, your face and neck will somehow have some sagging problem as skin will loose its firmness.

How to firm up the sagging face and neck so that you will look fabulous that makes everyone doubts you are already a mum?

Check out the tips and products that I use for neck and face firming in the coming post okay?


  1. 给你一个赞,爱你哦!!!!

  2. I bought a shapewear too but very lazy to wear it everyday, LOL :P Guess I must be as hardworking as you la!

    Hmm, you're really determined! Thumbs up for you~ I still snacks in between meal time *guilty*

    But luckily I attend my aerobic+yoga classes thrice a week, at least I know I can slim down slowly...

  3. 终于等到这一篇了!谢谢你的分享!

  4. 说真的,我也很努力的在减肥这回事,但是胖底的我真的减得好慢!!!

  5. May Suet: 不是量身定做的,因为这款的背后有可以调松紧的绳子,可以自行调整哦!而且后面的绳子是穿之前一次性调好,不用天天绑的哦。可以很快穿上,是我觉得最容易穿的调整衣,而且价钱不会很贵。这款是没有瘦手臂的。因为手时常动,我觉得要缩手臂是比较难。可以去美体中心,会比较快看到效果哦!

    ~珊姑娘~ : 产后6个月是瘦身黄金时期,所以我一直激励自己一定要在6个月内瘦下。结果终于做到了!你也可以哦!努力啊!

  6. 好的,等我生了后再跟你要更多详细的资料!!

  7. Gigimei1:45 PM

    Love you. Finally got the update on sliming tips. Can't wait for the face & neck post.
    I bought the tincoco pants, so hard to wear! I wonder if the sleeping socks are the same.

    Thanks & love you!

  8. Gigimei: The sleeping socks are quite easy to wear for me. Perhaps I'm quite slim now cos i don feel any compression with the socks on.

    Tight is good, meaning it can deliver better results.

  9. It's not only about what you eat or do but the determination too. Really salute you for the strong will to lose weight and the ability to stand temptations.

    I need to shred a few extra kilos I put on (not pregnant also get fat =.=) and is not really workin cos I am eating like a queen LOL

  10. Gigimei9:37 PM

    Thanks, Carrie, I shall continue my effort. ^^

    One question, I know this might be off topic. A friend of mine is looking for a confinement lady, I saw your confinement post. I wonder if you could provide her contact . She seems like she cooks very well. Hehehe

  11. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Chin: Can I know where to get the sleeping socks? :)

  12. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Saw ur blog on the slimming tips... Thank u so much for sharing..... Well done... Do u mind sharing wif me which slimming centre u sign up wif... I am looking for one but didn't want to go places there too pushy.... U can email me at

  13. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Hi, may i knw how much the slimming package & where? Ultra-energy magnetic cellulite and slimming treatment.


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