Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Fashion Lookbook 2013

Again, reward you all with a fashion post while I'm still editing my Taiwan trip photos. It seems like taking forever to get it done OMG!

This weekend was totally overloaded because I'm gathering some Bangkok travel information as I'm planning a short trip on mid September. Still thinking whether it should be a 5 days or 6 days trip, though hubby recommended only 4 days but you know, a lady that loves to travel will always look for awesome attractions to squeeze in the itinerary and at the end makes the stay longer.

Okay, back to the story. Let's have a peep on what's new in my wardrobe!

My new top, from Voir. Bought them during the mega sales at 50% off! Cap is a must if you are going for some outdoor activities during this hot days!



I finally managed to style a real summer look, with SHORTS. Pops of neon are in full effect this summer. And I'm totally gaga for the trend!

My perfect summer look and I'd honestly wear everyday if I could.


Something about retro, brings me for monotone colors.

Added this zebra stripe pants to my wardrobe because hubby wanted to see something new. He likes to see me in different styles.

This pic is so cool!

It's time to book my air ticket and hotels before it's too late! Chao chao!


  1. I like the summer look!! Yellow and flora, it is a prefect match.

    Tell u what, I'm actually writing on my bangkok travelogue. It is just a sneak peek but haven't finish yet. :D Anyway, here's a little "itinerary" to give u a brief idea where to go in bkk. Terminal 21 and Asiatique both are worth to go. I think u will like Asiatique and gonna take lotsa pics there. :D

    To have a good sweet tooth, u may look for Mr Jones' Orphanage. They have good and yummylicious dessert.

    To have a good brunch or breakfast, head over to "Roast". I heard that it is one of the best cafe to serve brunch. I was there too to try out, it was not bad after all. The environment is a plus!

    Apart from that, if u have more time and wanna visit somewhere far from bkk city, you may consider the Little Venice or Santorini which is about 2 hours from bkk.

    Hope it helps! :) I will be very exciting when talk about travel thus I love to share without hesitation. ENJOY ur trip!!!

    Oh, btw, I thought u r traveling to europe on Oct? Seems like u have been travel a lot this year too. :)

  2. Wow, you are such a hottie mummy!
    I love those shorts!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yvonne S: THanks so much for the tips! So nice of you! Asiatique, Terminal21 & Mr. Jones Orphanage are already in my list. Now considering "Roast" after your recommendation :)

    I'm planning to go to Santorini Park & stay one night at Huahin but need to get more info on the transportation....

    Yes, I'm goin to German & switzerland this Oct with my fren. I will try to utilise all my annual leave for vacations XD

    Hayley: You are a hot mama too!

  5. 全部都很漂亮--因为模特儿漂亮嘛 嘻嘻
    我喜欢summer look那套,特别的舒服亮眼,皮肤白皙的你看起更像阳光花朵绽放~

  6. 最喜欢你的夏日短裤look!!!好young!加上你好瘦!!太羡慕了!

  7. hot mama! XD

    like your summer outfit!

  8. 你们生产完都瘦得好快好快哦!!!



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