Saturday, August 17, 2013

Colosseum, Rome

This is a forgotten post of my Italy trip on January. My memory is getting poorer ever since I gave birth.


Of course the first thing anyone thinks of when they think of Rome is the Colosseum!

Colosseum, being an iconic landmark in Rome, is crowded by tourists from all over the world.

I truly recommend to spend an entire day with the Colosseum, get a guided tour so that you can get to see the interior and understand the history of this great and amazing piece of ancient site.

Since this was a 8-day group tour, entrance to Colosseum was excluded. Though we were given an hour time to walk around or perhaps to buy the ticket to enter the Colosseum, but looking at the crowd, queuing for the ticket may take us more than 30 minutes and thus, we just took some photos from outside.

This was our drop-off point to Colosseum. Every building in Rome is just so beautiful.

We saw this when we were walking towards our destination. A Chinese couple were having their wedding here.

Look at this!

Witness the beauty of this famous ancient site with my eyes.

Can you feel it?


Couldn't find a place to snap photos without any other people beside us. This is the best shot.


This was a very much anticipated place for my husband but Colosseum really can't beat Venice.

The long queue started here. Happy queuing!

We took a walk surronding the Colosseum. And we saw many many gladiators who posed for photos. Be careful, they will ask for money after you take the photos with your own camera.

After soaking in the majestic beauty of the place, imagining how each stone was placed, and how long it took for such a structure to be build, we kissed this gigantic arena a goodbye. Last piece of photo before we left.

Some other buildings in Rome. They are all beautiful.

National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. A photo snapped in the bus.

Rome is the mad concentration of tourism and thus it has became a place with many pickpockets. We were warned by our tour guide to be extra careful with our belongings. Anything that you place behind belongs to others.

Besides all the cons, Rome is indeed a lovely city that has so much to offer. I wish to come here again to visit Trevi Fountain. Too bad that it wasn't in our itinerary and the hotel we stayed was too far from the Metro station and thus we had no choice but to give up the chance to toss a coin in this fountain.


  1. Really love their buildings!!! =]

  2. 罗马竞技场真的很壮观,可惜那时我们的团只带我们在远处观赏=。=
    那个Trevi fountain你一定要去!超美!我喜欢那里!!!

  3. wow, amazing even from the outside ^^

  4. Hi Carrie, really enjoy yr blog. May I know which travel agent you hv follow during Italy trip?


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