Monday, December 23, 2013

It's all about KEN

If you have read my post on Facebook, you should know that Ken has contracted H1N1 virus and subsequently spread the virus to papa and mummy.

H1N1 is nothing serious but just all about a common influenza nowadays if you are at beginning stage. No hospitalisation is required. What we have to do is to consume the medicine prescribed, Tamiflu and be quarantined for 5 days.

Our 5 day quarantine period is finally over!

All of us have recovered fully! Ken managed to run and jump around making mess even on the second day of the medication.

Thanks God that it wasn't as serious as I thought. And I truly appreciate the caring comments and messages sent by my lovely friends. You guys are the best!

Here's are my lil diary of Ken's recent development and growth stage:

Ken likes to ask me to take out his drawing books by saying "draw draw". As this pen is erasable using tissue or cloth, he always pull a piece of tissue and erase when he finishes drawing. But he still do not know how to hold a pen properly.

As Ken grows, he has been becoming less interested in reading his books. His attention span has shortened, and he doesn’t even have the patience to flip from the first page to the last. What a bad boy!

And recently he likes to get us to switch on the TV by saying "on TV". And he will walk away after you turn it on (+_+)

And Ken has become an alarm for us for locking the car door whenever he sits in the car with us. Once he's seated he will repeatedly say "lock the door" until you tell him you have done so. Brilliant (^▽^)

Our play time in the bedroom. He was trying to pull my fake lashes OMG!

Ken's current favourite activity is climbing stairs. Even when we brought him to Strawberry Farm and Bee Farm at Cameron Highlands, he never bother all to look at the strawbies and bees but kept looking for stairs to climb up and down.

He can be a good helper sometimes!

His mouth really looks like his father when he laughs.

Besides stairs, he loves to walk around the fish pond in the garden.

Taught him to say fish but he never bother learn and til now he only knows how to say "Yu". T_T

Step step step!

Why were we laughing so happily?

Got him to touch the trees, grasses and flowers in the garden and he could now say these words accurately.

The evil side of Ken! He sulks and shouts (before he cries) whenever he doesn't get what he wants. A super bad tempered boy

And started from few months back, Ken always give papa and mummy surprise kisses when we are lying on the bed. He seldom disappoint me when I ask for kisses. And that's why I can't help but loving him more than what I expected.

The biggest challenge for me is to coaxing him to finish up his food. He always refuse to eat by shouting or crying, especially during dinner time. This doesn't happen at nanny's house so obviously he knows he's the prince here.

I have to throw in his favourite food such as beans and corns into every meal so that he will eat together with other ingredients. Headache max!

Any ideas how to get this lil boy to finish his meal without chasing him in the house? It's almost impossible for him to finish the meal with him sitting on the high chair except in the morning feeding. Because of this reason, I always need to coax and feed him so that he can eat as much as possible and til now, he is still unable to eat on his own.

Time flies and Ken is about two years old. So much has happened since then. It seems like only yesterday he was sleeping all day in his crib and now he's walking around everywhere making a mess! Aw.....

Before I end this post, let me wish everyone HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!


  1. 平安没事就好哦 (感恩感激)
    小帅哥呢 来。。给阿姨kiss一个

    祝福你们圣诞节快乐哦 幸福健康团圆乐

  2. 我很喜欢看Ken!!!好可爱!!多点update他哈哈哈!
    小帮手,跟我家佟b一样哈哈哈! 这样的小孩很讨喜hor xD


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