Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013


Christmas is more of a family holiday than a religous holiday to me. It is the best festive season as I love the warm and joyous atmosphere. It’s like a type of electric in the air. I love the Christmas songs, Santa, Christmas tree and winter wonderland Christmas.

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time to gather with the ones you love. Even we did not have any gift exchange this year, but we got to spend our quality time with Ken. This was the greatest joy for us!

I purposely read some Christmas activities on Pinterest and decided to do a homemade playdough with Christmas puppets for Ken.


Papa, Ken & Mummy on a snow wonderland with Santa Claus!

I DIY the Christmas tree by cutting a Isetan paper bag and the rest of the puppets are all downloaded from Nurturestore.

Nurturestore has a lot of ideas for kiddo's activities. And the printables download is also FREE!

As usual, Ken only spent less than 5 minutes to play on the puppets and playdough. But I was quite happy as my purpose on teaching him some new vocabularies had been achieved.

Love the cute and colourful printables! We also added some cotton on the playdough.

Happy family!

Before Christmas, we brought Ken to Sunway Pyramid for shopping and I found that taking photos with him nowadays is like a mission impossible as he just can't stand or sit still for more than 2 seconds.

So we only managed to capture candid shots T_T

Hmmm....... I must teach him how to pose and smile to the camera!!!




Okay, that's the end of this post. Gotta sleep early as tomorrow I need to go in to office punctually as I have applied half day leave to have our anniversaries celebrated in KL.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


  1. Merry xmas Carrie!!!

  2. omg my darling... he is such a cutie!
    I think I know what you mean... xmas is all about family (instead of party), even more so now that we all have our own families, isn't it?
    I love you lippy jump suit and your shorts... where did you get them from? *hint* *hint* hehe... looks gorgeous on you! merry xmas carrie and ken... whoopss... billy too!

  3. Too late to wish you Merry Christmas now, so I wish you and family a happy new year!! ;)

  4. 珊姑娘: 我也只是从别人的blog学习而已啦!

    mia111: Happy new year! Thanks for your compliment:D I got my lippie knit top and the shorts from a boutique in Seremban.

    Hayley: Happy New Year sweetie!


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