Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Swiss & Germany Trip Outfits

Before I continue with the travelogue, let's have a peep on what I chose to wear during the trip. I will never be lazy in wardrobe planning when I travel to overseas for vacation. Hehe.....

Like many other girls I spent weeks to finalise my outfits. It could be faster if I could double up my luggage size so I no need to choose at all.

Day 1

Nothing could be more comfortable than a pair of jeans and long sleeve knit top when having a long hour flight!

Weather was cold as it was a rainy day so I gotta put on my biker jacket, which matched perfectly with my Timberland boots

Day 2

Purposely dressed up to look a bit more like princess as we were going to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Heart my new white tweed jacket, pink princess dress and beige bowler. They transformed me into an English lady.

Day 3

This ivory versatile coat was also my new winter piece, which gave me an instant slim silhouettes!

As you can see snow were everywhere but surprisingly it wasn't freezing cold. Everyone enjoyed the stroll along the street heading to the St. Moritz lake.

Day 4

Today's outfit was a bit different. It was somehow more casual/streetstyle look.

This neon yellow blazer was less feminine compared to my usual outfits, giving me a new LEMON look..... LOL

Day 5

I wore two layers in this photo actually. I got the thermal bodysuit from Uniqlo which was really body-hugging, soft, and light. Okay, of course I was not going up to the snow mountain with this! This was only for photo :P

I threw on a chunky knit scarf in red to enhance the entire look as camel color coat was a little plain.


Day 6

It was a freezing cold morning in Zermatt but I still managed to walk and run with this super England style shorts and plaid long sleeve top.

And of course I invested on a thick and good-looking legging to avoid my legs becoming "ais-potong"

Day 7

My favourite red wool coat was the warmest and good-looking coat ever! This round I paired it with my new ginger-yellow knit scarf.

Then of course make sure to have leather gloves with intern fabric so that it could keep my hands safe from the cold. But I still felt super cold and almost numb T_T

Day 8

The highlight for the day was Houndstooth check skirt that I bought in Bangkok!

A simple grey knit sweater was just nice to warm me up. The belt added a textural element to the outfit and also compliment my look. What a perfect casual look in the heart of Zurich!

Speaking about winter wear, I like it lean and slim, light and chic. So how to manage to have a slim silhouettes with all the thick clothing on? The tricks are to invest in a good and light thermal wear and windproof coat. If budget allows, go for Cashmere coat. It's light yet incredibly warm.


  1. 你的时尚打扮绝对高分

  2. 我都很佩服冬天出门可以把自己打扮漂亮的人, 也很很很敬佩, 因为我为了行李轻一点可以一两件外套走天下哈哈哈!!!!!

    你的绝对时尚和漂亮, 眼睛开了好享受!

  3. Stunning colour, stunning outfits! i think the bright colours suit you... very gorgeous!

  4. i normally bring 1-2 wind breaker to cold weather country and might wear duplicate clothes as well to make sure luggage is light so that i can buy more souvenirs back, haha

  5. 你的打扮都很潮很漂亮!!!!!还有,你的腿超瘦的!!!穿丝袜非常好看! ^^
    你的style有很大的改变,不错耶! 可以很yeng也可以很lady!^^ 都喜欢!

    我去欧洲的时候带了两件外套买多一件,三件我都觉得很不错了,你更多!而且你的外套也都很美! 爽!!^^

  6. 好羡慕你,可以穿的美美的,然后在梦幻国度游走。

    你的外套全都好漂亮,阿猫最最喜欢的就是Day 3 的那件,很可爱。

  7. felicia chai: 我要靠衣装打扮,可是你不用啊!天生丽质

    Aris Min: 所以像我这样爱打扮的人是无法参加背包旅行的。每次都只好跟旅行团

    Mia111: Thanks :)

    Sherlyn: I will bring a super big luggage plus one big hand carry bag to store all my winter coats and souvenirs. Haha


    Puddycat Mei Ai: 我也很喜欢Day3 的那一件。超容易配搭的

  8. Carrie 你才是天生丽质呢,时尚是住在你内心世界的天使,如影随形。


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